One Day

Okay I am really not good at descriptions but I will try. Okay so Sara decided to throw a party in honor of Liam Payne for his birthday. Her and her sister Hailee are huge directioners and they don's know what they would do if they ever met One Direction. What happens when they meet One Direction how will they react what will the boys think?


2. deux

Sara's P.O.V.

It's around 7:30ish, I plan on bringing the cake out at about 8:15. I took a picture of the cake because it looks absolutely awesome. I am going to go check the doorway counter thingy and see how many people have come so far considering it is 8:00 and the party has been busy for the past 2 hours. OMG!! Three hundred people have been to the party the most popular party of the month was 358. I am almost there I was about to put the clicker  thing back when I saw 5 more boys coming. They looked around my age and familiar so I thought I probably went to school with them but I turned around and saw the posters and realized they were One Direction!! I said,"Hi. welcome tot eh party." They all said,"Thank you." or "Thanks." Then Louis said,"Who is the hostess of this awesome party?""Ummm.... That would be me." I say. "Well what's your name? Liam questions. "My name is Sara. Sara Smith.""Well Sara is there any food here?" Niall asks. I nod and say,"Let me show you to the kitchen and you could have some food and look at the cake." "Awesome."" Boys would you like to come?" I asked. They all nodded. "Oh Liam." "Yes Liam says. "Happy Birthday.""Thanks."" Oh and by the way my sister is in the kitchen and she might freak out when she sees you guys... Especially you, Louis." Well what's her name and how old is she?" Louis asks. "Her name is Hailee and she is 20 years old just like you." I tell him. "How old are you? Liam asks me. " I am 18 years old and turning 19 in a few days." I tell him. "Cool!"Liam says. We got to the kitchen and I tell them,"One second." I run into the kitchen and yell, "Hailee I'm bringing a few people back here!" She then comes out and I say, "Okay guys come in." They walk in and when Hailee sees Louis face she faints and falls forward.. Luckily Louis caught her so she didn't fall the hard cement floor. He scoops her up and holds her bridal style. "What should I do with her?" He asks."Follow me."I say. I led him to a cot type thing in the back.           

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