One Day

Okay I am really not good at descriptions but I will try. Okay so Sara decided to throw a party in honor of Liam Payne for his birthday. Her and her sister Hailee are huge directioners and they don's know what they would do if they ever met One Direction. What happens when they meet One Direction how will they react what will the boys think?


4. Authors note

I have like 8 chapters to write but it all depends on when I have time to right them. I will try to add more as soon as possible. Sorry for the last chapter being so short. Oh and I probably won't think of fancy chapter names. I will probably just find the numbers in different languages. Recommend it to your friends. Please leave comments and anything that you think should happen I will read them as soon as possible and write them into parts of the story. If you want to be in the story like one of the boys girlfriends or one of Sara or Hailee's friends. just leave a comment describing your character and what you want your name to be a nd who you want to be. Or else email me at Thanks.



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