One Day

Okay I am really not good at descriptions but I will try. Okay so Sara decided to throw a party in honor of Liam Payne for his birthday. Her and her sister Hailee are huge directioners and they don's know what they would do if they ever met One Direction. What happens when they meet One Direction how will they react what will the boys think?


1. UNO!!!

Hailee's P.O.V.

Hi my name is Hailee Smith. I am 20 years old and my 18 year old sister and I live together in a London flat and we absolutely love One Direction. My favorite is Louis and Sara loves Liam. Today is Liams 19 birthday and Sara is going all out. She even planned a party in honor of him. It is going to be held at the huge party place down the street. She even put an ad in the newspaper about it because she thinks it should be the best party of the month at least and that is hard especially for people in London.

Sara's P.O.V.

I am setting up the last little bit of the decorations for  Liam Payne's Birthday Party. I put some flyers up around town and an ad in the newspaper. I hope a lot of people come. I even booked a DJ. I paid a lot of money and put a lot of work into this place. The cake has Liam Payne's face on it. The party is starting in one hour. Finally everything is put up and the cake has been delivered and is in the kitchen. I have loads of food because some people eat it by the bucketful (like Niall). at like 9:00 it turns into an adult party because I'm bringing the alcohol out.

Louis' P.O.V.

I just saw a flyer on the bulletin board at the park that said someone was throwing a huge party for Liam's birthday. I called Harry over and showed him the flyer he said,"We are totally going to bring Liam there for his birthday but let's surprise him  with it. How about we head over at eightish." I said,"Sounds good to me. Let;s go tell the other boys." Harry shouts."Zayn, Niall get over here we have something to tell you." "We are going to a party tonight" I say. "Why?" Niall asks. " A fan is throwing a party for Liam and it is open invitation." Harry says. Niall doesn't look impressed so I say,"There is an open bar from 9:00 to 3:00am.: Niall instantly nods his head excitedly.

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