Unforgettable love

Issy is just an ordainary girl who like every other girl loves one direction but when she tweets a message to Niall she didnt think he would tweet back. but when he does they start to email eachother and become close, but when Niall bumps into Issy will he fall for the girl behind all the emails or will he tell her to leave him alone??


2. Whos calling me?

Issys POV

One new message on twitter, i clicked on it

@NiallOfficial:@issyj; my day has been good thanks.How about yours?

OMG niall horan just tweeted back to me, so i tweeted back saying: well its been alright, just school and stuff. im studying hard while listening to music.

oh what song are you listening to?

im listening to a band called one direction and their song is called live while were young. i dont think you would have heard of them:)

Yeah i dont think ive heard them but the song sounds awesome. i just looked them up on youtube and the blonde one looks cute!:) whos your favourite?

Yeah his name is niall and hes irish. i like him 2:)

Nialls POV

she said she likes me like im her favourite, a huge smile came on my face, i dont know why but i really wanna know more about her she seems really sweet and nice. if only there was a way to find what country she lives in and that would narrow it down to meeting her, wouldnt it? I realised i was on twitter and its been like more than 5 mins and i havent replyed

@niallofficial:@issyj; what thats so funny my name is niall and im irish 2. what a consident, haha :) xx

yup haha. small world i guess x

yup i guess so. Your name is Isabella right? x

yup but you can call me Issy x

Issy it is then. So i see your from New Zealand. When we were there for the up all night tour i thought it was a really beautiful place:) xx

Yeah i am i was orginally from London but we moved to new zealand a few years ago. Yeah its so beautiful here i love living here but at the same time i cant wait to travel around the world x

Oh your gonna travel. You have to come to ireland x

Yeah i definetly will, im part irish so then i can see some of my family x

yay go ireland x

yup haha x

Issys POV

yup haha x

i dont think hes gonna reply so i put my phone down and hit the books. 1hour later i was still studying when my phone started vibrating. it kept vibrating so someone must be calling me. I grabbed my phone and it said private number

Whos calling me? 

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