Unforgettable love

Issy is just an ordainary girl who like every other girl loves one direction but when she tweets a message to Niall she didnt think he would tweet back. but when he does they start to email eachother and become close, but when Niall bumps into Issy will he fall for the girl behind all the emails or will he tell her to leave him alone??


3. The phone call

Whos calling me?

Hello i said into the phone

"umm hi is this issy johnson?" the voice said from the other side of the phone, he sounded irish.

"ahh yes" i said nervously "whos this?"

"ohh thats good. ohh its ahh...

A/N sorry for the short chapter i like literally had 5 mins and i thought i would do a quick chapter. i will try to update tomorrow. 

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