Unforgettable love

Issy is just an ordainary girl who like every other girl loves one direction but when she tweets a message to Niall she didnt think he would tweet back. but when he does they start to email eachother and become close, but when Niall bumps into Issy will he fall for the girl behind all the emails or will he tell her to leave him alone??


1. not so studying

Another boring day at school has finally past, Except for the fact i have another late night of studying. Im in year 12, last year of school and i have a few more weeks left till i can get out of this hell hole.

"Issy wait" said my best friend well really my only friend.

"what is it lily?" i said

"Guess who followed me on twitter" Lily said

"Your mum"

Haha, very funny but no, Harry Styles from One Direction

"What really, well i must say i gained a follower to and he goes by the name Niall Horan" i said getting overly excited

"No way, thats extraordinHARRY or phenomiNiall. We both got our favourite members to follow us"

"yup well i have to go, you know studying but ill text you later"

"okay cya issy"

"bye" i gave her one last hug before heading home

"hi mum" i said

"HI sweety, how was school?" mum said

"alright but i have to go study"

"okay ill come check up on you to see if you need anything later"


once i was upstairs i got all my science and maths books out and began reading, but it was really silent so i grabbed my ipod and began listening to music.


I pulled out my phone and went on twitter lily just posted saying "stupid studying" i just laughed at that cause she was not the person to study but she always seemed to pass her exams.

i decided im going to tweet to niall

@IssyJ;@NiallOfficial: hey hows your day going?

Pretty lame and he probley wont replybut oh well. back to studying!!


One new message on twitter!

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