Unforgettable love

Issy is just an ordainary girl who like every other girl loves one direction but when she tweets a message to Niall she didnt think he would tweet back. but when he does they start to email eachother and become close, but when Niall bumps into Issy will he fall for the girl behind all the emails or will he tell her to leave him alone??


4. Niall Horan...!!

"ohh its ahh... Niall" the irish voice said

"Niall who" i said


"niall who" i said, cause i mean i dont even no a niall apart from Niall Horan from 1D but it couldnt be could it. I got pulled out of my thought when he answered..

"NIall Horan from One Direction"

"are you serious! is this lily? playing a joke oon me?

"No its Niall, Whos lily?"

"shes my bestfriend, but you should no that!!"

"sorry i dont darlin" omg when he said darlin my heart just melted .

"Okay if you are niall prove it" i said

Hey niall wheres all the food gone, you better have not ate it all" a sexy british voice said. 

That sounded like LIam Payne but he cant be Niall Horan how would he have got my number..!!

"We needed to get grocerys anyway Liam" im guessing Niall said that

"okay who you on the phone too?" liam said


"okay who u on the phone tooo? liam said


"whos issy? is she the one youve been talking 2 on twitter?"


"ohh our litttle Nialler is blushing, hey boys nialler has a crush"

"whats her name" zayn said

"its Issy" liam said

"Ohh what a cute name, Issy and Niall Horan" zayn said while laughing "who u on the phone 2?"

"OMG Issy!!!" Niall said

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