Unforgettable love

Issy is just an ordainary girl who like every other girl loves one direction but when she tweets a message to Niall she didnt think he would tweet back. but when he does they start to email eachother and become close, but when Niall bumps into Issy will he fall for the girl behind all the emails or will he tell her to leave him alone??


5. Midnight Already

"Im so sorry about that Issy" NIall said quickly 

"Ohh thats okay. haha so your not lily, this isnt a joke and im talking to NIall Horan, Right?" Issy said

"Umm yeah pretty much"



"Sweety i brought you up some fruit salad" mum said while opening my door and coming in

"ohh thanks mum"

"No problem sweety, who you talikng to? is it lily?"

"Yeah, No"

"When who is it?"

"well its ahh Niall Horan"

"like Niall Horan from One Direction?"


"Okay but aint you a little 2 old to keep saying your talking to Niall Horan?" mum said thinking i was joking cause i always say im talking to him when really im talking to lily

"NO i swear its him, hear talk to him" i said handing the phone to mum

"okay hello Niall" mum said

"Ohh HI Mrs Johnson" Niall said in his cute Irish accent

"Ohh no its just Miss Johnson" mum said

"Okay sorry" NIall said

"oh its no problem dear, Well i will leave you and issy to it then" mum said 

"okay bye mum" i said



It was midnight now and i just finished talking to Niall. We talked about everything and i mean everything. i cant believe its midnight already and iv only done like 2 hours of studying i guess that will hopefully do but i mean it was totally worth it. I decided it was time for bed cause i was really tired to much studying i guess, hahah not...!!! i went to bed thinnking about Niall.


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