Here I Am

The Sequel to What Are The Odds, Here I Am is all about Estrella's journey to finding her self and trying to forget the past that is haunting her. Estrella will soon find out that running from the past is easier said than done. Will she ever find her birth parents? Will she ever let Harry back in her heart or is it to late?


5. Two Conditions


Harry’s P.O.V

                “By the way, love your necklaces. What does the H and E stand for again?” Estrella said before she slammed the door shut.

                I looked down and grazed the necklaces with my fingertips. I was fully aware that I kept wearing them but no one else did, not even Louis. I gave everybody the impression that I threw them both away, to never been seen again, just like Estrella. I tried to push through all of the emotions I was feeling and replaying what she said to me over again in my head but I just couldn’t.

“Well I’m just trying to figure out if you ever really loved me, I thought you did but right now I’m not so sure.”

                How dare she question if I ever loved her! I loved her with all I had; I loved all of her and was positive that I would for the rest of my life. I should be the one questioning if she ever loved me, I mean how can you just walk away from someone you love without any good reason and I’m sorry but her finding out about her adoption is NOT a good enough reason to leave me heart broken. I might be sounding selfish but it’s how I feel I can’t help it.

                “You still love me Styles and I’m going to prove it.”

                I refuse to fall into whatever it is she has planned. It took me too long to get over her to let her back it. I DO NOT STILL LOVE ESTRELLA! I can’t because I have Katherine: beautiful, intelligent, sweet, loving, my Katherine.

                I quickly remembered that I had Katherine waiting for me outside so I put on my blazer and headed towards the door. Not only did I find her but she was also accompanied by Natasha and someone else that I’ve never met before.

                “What’s up guys?” I asked

                The girl that I’ve never met sure acted like we’ve met before because she was staring me down if looks could kill me would definitely be on my way to the nearest morgue. Katherine excused herself to the restroom and then Natasha finally spoke.

                “Hey Harry, I was actually on my way to ask you if you’ve had a visitor but Katherine already informed me that you did. Do you happen to know where she might have gone?”

                “I’m sorry she’s very rude, always has been. My name is Brandi, I’m Estrella’s other best friend and current roommate.” The girl I didn’t recognize explained.

                “Nice to meet you and even if I did know where she was Natasha I wouldn’t tell you since you never tell me anything important... like I don’t know, oh yeah WHERE MY GIRLFRIEND WAS!”

                Natasha’s face looked stunned. I think that part of it was due to the fact that I never screamed at her, plus the fact that I knew about her secret.

                “Listen Harry I did what I thought was best for –“Natasha began to explain but her friend, Brandi cut her off.

                “Hypocrite! Don’t you dare tell Harry that you did what you thought was best for him. What was it that you just finished telling Estrella in the apartment? You don’t have any right to decide what’s best for other people.”

                Natasha stood quite. It was honestly the first time that I’ve ever seen her completely silent, she had no come back. Brandi took the silence to her advantage and continued to speak.

                “I know I haven’t been around for any of this so I don’t know everything but I do know one thing, Estrella made a mistake. Is she not allowed to make mistakes? How long are you guys going to punish her for that ONE mistake? Now I’m not saying that you have to be best friends with her again Natasha or that you have to get back with her Harry, all I’m saying is that you need to forgive and forget and not judge her based on this one mistake. Both of you should know what it’s like to be judged, now I’m leaving and I pray that Estrella doesn’t come back to the apartment more broken than she already is.”

                I don’t know Brandi at all but I have to admit she had a way with words. She left both me and Natasha in the hallway to soak in the words that just hit out ears. Brandi was right, I hate to admit it but I needed to forgive Estrella. Even though I didn’t love her anymore I still cared and I didn’t want her to suffer forever for what she did. I looked at Natasha and I could tell by her face that she was in the same mind frame. Just as I was getting ready to speak loud laughing interrupted and I turned towards the sound to find none other than Estrella and she was laughing with the guys. What the hell changed in the time span of 30 minutes?

Estrella’s P.O.V

                “What the hell do you think you’re doing knocking on my door?” Louis asked as he opened the door and saw it was me on the other side asking for entrance.

                “I just want to talk to you all, after you hear what I have to say you can kick my ass to the curb if you want but I just want to get this off of my chest.” I explained

He moved from the door to let me in. I guessed the guys heard what was going on because they were all sitting on a couch silent.

“You have exactly one minute, Go.” Louis said and I began to speak.

“Okay I understood that when I left I didn’t only leave my childhood best friend and my boyfriend, I also abandoned my four new best friends. No not even, I abandoned four new brothers. I just want you to understand that it wasn’t something I wanted, I NEVER want to be away from you guys. “


I was shocked by who the screaming was coming from, it was Niall and his eyes where matching mine full of tears.

“Listen I’ve given this speech already to Natasha and I’m going to tell you exactly what I told her. I did what I thought was in best interest for everybody and I never meant to hurt any of you. I was and still am confused about everything. I felt completely lost and I didn’t know what else to do. I didn’t know and I still don’t know who I am, how can I be around people who say they know me when I don’t even know me.”

“We could’ve helped you Estrella.” Zayn said.

“You don’t have to do everything alone.” Liam said.

“I know that now. I just really need you guys to forgive me; you’re all the family I have. I have no one else, I need my four brothers.” I said my voice shaky.

Louis began to stand up, I figured he was going to be the hardest one to win over and I was right. I went towards the door, figuring I might as well beat him to the punch when I felt a hand grab on to my arm. I turned around to find Louis.

“Listen Estrella it really hurt us that you left but what hurt us more is the look on Harry’s face. That’s why I’ve been so cold with you, you’re the cause of those five months of pure pain and whenever I look at you I see that face of his. I’m going to forgive you –“

“We all are!” Niall screamed

Louis laughed and then continued where he was cut off.

“WE are going to forgive you but only under two conditions.”

“I’m kind of scared right now.” I admitted.

“Number one, you NEVER walk out on us again.” Louis explained

“DONE! What’s two?” I asked

“Two is that you get Harry back and far away from that bitch Katherine!” Louis shouted

I stood in complete shock. He didn’t like Katherine? So many questions were going through my head but they got answered without me even having to ask.

“She’s bad news but Harry won’t listen to us. He thinks that we’re making things up so that he could wait for you but now that you’re here we need you to get him back or at least see that she’s EVIL!” Niall explained.

I told them about the closet incident and they didn’t look shocked at all.

“See! I knew Perrie wasn’t lying. She said that Katherine threated her to not even look at Harry before she knew that she was dating me.” Zayn said.

“See why we need you! Should have never left and we wouldn’t be dealing with that psycho.” Liam whispered.

“Don’t worry guys I’m already working on it. Your sister is back, I just need to spend time with Harry but you guys are on tour. Do you think Paul will let me come with?” I asked.

“If he doesn’t then we’ll just end the tour, go on strike!” Louis screamed.

“Now let’s be rational Louis we obviously can’t do that but don’t worry we’ll figure something out. In the meantime let’s spend time with our long lost sister. Welcome back Estrella.” Liam said.

“I’m glad to be back and I promise I’m not going anywhere.” I said as we walked out of the dressing room and out into the hall.

“Yeah anywhere but Harry’s pants.” Louis said

We all bursted out in laughter and as we walked down the hall we saw Natasha and Harry together. Thankfully there was no bitch Barbie in sight, right now I had my eyes on the target and it was Harry.



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