Here I Am

The Sequel to What Are The Odds, Here I Am is all about Estrella's journey to finding her self and trying to forget the past that is haunting her. Estrella will soon find out that running from the past is easier said than done. Will she ever find her birth parents? Will she ever let Harry back in her heart or is it to late?


7. Side By Side


Harry’s P.O.V

                HOW FUCKING DARE SHE! I’m not one to curse but I always make an exception when I really upset and this is definitely one of those moments. She had no right to claim me as hers still and right when I finally getting away from her grasp. The whole interview was torture, all I could think about was letting Estrella have it and how in the hell I was going to explain this to Katherine. Poor Katherine didn’t even know that we dated let alone the fact that people still thought that we were still together. She knew that people thought I was dating someone but she didn’t know that someone was Estrella. Not only was I pissed at her but at the rest of the guys and Natasha for playing along.  Finally the moment I was waiting for came, the end of the interview. I held on to Estrella’s hand to keep up appearances and as soon as we were out of the public eye I threw her hand out of mine.

                 “Can I get a moment alone with Estrella please.” I asked calmly, not wanting anyone else see me lose my cool.

With just one look everyone scattered, I guess the look on my face matched the anger that was bubbling inside. I turned to Estrella and the anger grew even more when I saw the smirk that was on her face.

                “I bet you’re just ecstatic right now.” I said.

                “Is it really that obvious? Oh who am I kidding I’m not trying to hide it, yes I’m fucking thrilled!” she responded.

                “Well that feeling is going to go away faster than it appeared because I refuse to let the entire world think I’m with you when I want to be with Katherine… WHEN I AM WITH KATHERINE!” I screamed.

                As she was about to reply she was interrupted by a third party that decided to join the conversation, Katherine.

 “Oh now is when you want to say it, scream it at the top of your lungs. Where was that a couple of seconds ago?”

                “Katherine, I had absolutely NO idea that was going to happen. You have to believe me.” I explained as I turned to face her.

                As I started to walk towards her she stepped back.

                “JUST DON’T!” she shouted as she walked away.

                As I was about to go into a sprint to chase after her someone’s grip was stopping me, Estrella.

                “Go ahead Harry, run after her but remember that you told me yourself that you’re tired of running after people and that’s exactly what you’re about to do. If she can’t handle this she won’t be able to all of the fans and the criticism, with her you’ll end up running after her again and again. With me you have my word that you’ll NEVER have to run after me, we’ll always be walking side by side. By the way you’re going to be seeing a lot of me so get use to it, Estrella Perez is officially on tour with One Direction. ”

                With that she gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek, close enough to my lips that if I licked my lips my tongue will be grazing her mouth, and walked away. In that moment my feet were telling me to run after Katherine but my heart was set on Estrella’s words. I finally got my feet to work again to go looking for Katherine but the whole time that I was Estrella was on my mind, but I would never admit it to anyone, I didn’t even want to admit it to myself. How was I supposed to get through a whole tour with her around? The better question is how is Katherine going to handle me being around my ex 24/7.  

Estrella’s P.O.V

                I knew those words got to him I could tell, plus as I walked away I didn’t hear the echoes of any footsteps other than my own which meant he was either enjoying the view or taking in the words that came out of my mouth, either option I was fine with. As I walked towards Zayn’s dressing room to meet up with Natasha I couldn’t help but think about all that had to be done. Yeah I accomplished the task of having everyone in the whole world still thinking that Harry and I are together but where do I go from here? How can I make a blind man see? How can I let Harry see that Katherine isn’t the one for him and I’m the one that is? As I entered Zayn’s dressing room I got startled by a roar of applause.

                “THERE’S OUR GIRL! JOB WELL DONE LOVE.” Louis shouted while clapping.

                “The best part is when she took the necklace off his neck.” Niall said

                “NO WAY! It was when she was all like “I’m extremely blessed to have someone like him in my life. He gives me such pure love it’s amazing.”” Zayn argued.

                “You guys are completely mental. The best part was no doubt when she was like “100 percent, with all of my heart.”” Liam said.

“YOU ARE ALL CRAZY!” Natasha yelled.

“We’re just excited that’s all love, we finally might get rid of Katherine.” Zayn explained

“Yeah but one thing is for sure, we’re FOR SURE going to get an ear full from Harry.” Niall said.

“It’s nothing we can’t handle.” Louis said.

                I finally spoke, “Well we need to figure out what’s going to happen next guys. He’s really pissed off but I can tell that he still has feelings for me. He might care for Katherine but he loves me.”

                “Well since the world thinks that you two are madly in love you guys are going to have to spend more time together. Just act natural, be you, make him remember why he fell for you in the first place and make him forget why he hates you now.” Louis explained.

                “Ouch! Hate is a strong word.”

                “Well I just speak the truth.”

                “Whatever you say sass master.”

                Everyone began to laugh at my comment while Louis threw a pillow at my head.  There was a sudden knock at the door and we all stood silent, not knowing wither it was Harry getting ready to rip the guys heads off or Katherine trying to rip off mine. Luckily it was neither and it was just Brandi.

                “You didn’t think that you were going to leave to go on a worldwide tour without saying good bye did you?” Brandi said.

                I ran to here and hugged her harder than ever.

                “Okay I can’t breathe Estrella.” Brandi whispered.

                “Sorry!” I apologized as I let go of her.

                “Well not only did I come to say bye but I bought all of your stuff, even though I KNOW that Natasha isn’t going to let you wear ANYTHING that’s in these suitcases.”

                “You know me so well Brandi” Natasha said.

                I laughed and turned to Brandi, “Thank you for everything. I honestly wouldn’t have been able to get through these past five months without you.”

                “No problem. Now stop being all sappy you know I hate that shit!” Brandi said before walking towards Natasha.

                “Take care of her okay.”

                “I promise, cross my heart and hope to die.” Natasha said as she crossed her heart.

                “Guys I’m not a child.” I whined.

                They just gave me one of those parental looks and I knew there was no point in starting an argument. After a couple of minutes Paul came walking through the door.

                “Guys… and ladies we have to go, the bus is ready.” He said and walked away.

                I gave Brandi one last squeeze and grabbed all off my suitcases. We all loaded up in the bus when I noticed that Harry was missing.

                “Okay before the big bad wolf gets here lets go over a couple of things. Estrella just act natural… the same goes for all of us. Boys play stupid, we knew and still don’t know anything. Now if Katherine is mentioned at all during a conversation play it cool and don’t act like you hate her guts.” Louis stated like a military Sargent.

“He’s on his way guys!” Niall screamed.

As he got on the bus we all pretended to be in our own little conversations. Harry went straight towards he’s bunk.  As me and Natasha’s eyes met I decided to get out my old sign language. “Plan get Harry back is in action and there’s no turning back now. “  Before I went to go smooth everything over with Harry and hoping that he won’t close the curtain in my face.

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