Here I Am

The Sequel to What Are The Odds, Here I Am is all about Estrella's journey to finding her self and trying to forget the past that is haunting her. Estrella will soon find out that running from the past is easier said than done. Will she ever find her birth parents? Will she ever let Harry back in her heart or is it to late?


11. My Star


Harry’s P.O.V

                What the hell was HE doing here, I mean the whole point of going out tonight was so that Estrella wouldn’t go see him tomorrow and there he was on stage winking at her. I quickly grabbed her by her waist so that he could see it but he was either blind or un-phased by it. He continued to look at her as he spoke into the mic.

“Quiero dedicar esta canción a mi Estrella.”

Estrella was completely spell bound by him and I had to admit it was bloody annoying. I looked towards Natasha to try to get her to translate what he just said but she was preoccupied trying to get Estrella’s attention.

“Niall what did he just say?” I asked

“He wants to dedicate the song to his Estrella.” Niall responded

Who the hell does he think he is! His Estrella? Last time I checked she was mine… well she wants to be mine. I felt anger take over me as he came off of stage to take her hand. The fact that she gladly gave in and reached out for his hand is what really pissed me off but I couldn’t show it. I had no right to be angry, I was the one who refused to get back with her plus I had Katherine. He held on to her hand on stage as he began to sing to her. I had no clue what he was singing but I could tell it was getting to her, making her knees go  weak the way I use to. Thank goodness for Niall who was whispering what it was he was singing as it was happening but as he continued to do so it was just adding fuel to the fire.

“Quiero recordar viejos tiempos contigo. Regresa a mi por favor te lo pido. Aunque nuestras vidas sean distintas me dejo llevar por mis instinto. Esta noche todo vale.”

“I want you to remember old times. Come back to me please I beg. Although our lives are different I am driven by my instinct. Anything goes tonight.” Niall whispered.

“ Quisiera pasar toda una noche contigo y besarnos sin temer. Quisiera pasar la noche contigo bailando.”

“I would like to spend a night with you and kiss without fear. I would spend the night with you dancing.” Niall translated again.

I finally couldn’t take it anymore and got up from the booth we were sitting at and bolted towards the front door of the club. The very thought of her lips on him made me want to hurl and the fact that when I looked up towards them they were dancing made it even worse. I could still hear the beat of the song from outside of the club and I couldn’t help but feel curious of what was going on. I paced back and forth trying to cool off when the music finally stopped. As it did I felt my worries get more intense, this meant that they were both of stage and most likely out of sight. The lads wouldn’t let her be alone with him, would they? I quickly turned around to go back inside the club to make sure Estrella and Jesus didn’t get any alone time when I noticed Estrella standing in front of the doors.

Estrella’s P.O.V

                I couldn’t believe that I was getting serenaded on stage in front of all of these people. Not once during our whole fling did Jesus mention that he could sing or rap and here he was basically telling me that he wants another chance with me. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of his, it was like I was drowning in his ocean blue eyes and I honestly didn’t mind. I forgot all about the fact that I came with Natasha and the boys… Harry! I looked towards are booth and he was nowhere to be found. I made eye contact with Natasha and she looked just as puzzled as where he went. I wanted to go look for him but that would be rude to just walk off stage while someone is basically pouring their heart into a song while singing it to you. I just stayed in my place and tried to hide my worry for Harry’s whereabouts.  After the song I just hugged Jesus and bolted before he could pull me aside and most likely have a serious talk that I knew would have to do about a relationship. I went towards the front doors and there he was pacing back and forth. He turned around and froze when he saw me standing in front of the double doors.

                “Are you okay?” I asked

                “Why in the bloody hell do you care?” He asked as he tried to brush past me.

                I held my ground not moving from in front of the doors, knowing he would put a hand on me try to get by.

                “What the hell is your problem Styles? What’s with the attitude out of nowhere?”

                “Out of nowhere? What do you expect to happen when you’re grinding on some guy on stage!”

                “First of all you need to lower your voice and second  why the hell do you care? I’m not your girl Katherine is, why does it bother you so much if another guy is singing to me and I’m dancing with him.” I asked Harry.

                I just wanted him to admit it, admit that he’s jealous at the fact that another guy wants me. Even more I wanted him to admit that it bothered him because he still wanted me.

                “People still think we’re together and how does it look when I’m out with my “girlfriend” and she’s on stage with some other guy singing to her that he wants to kiss her.”

                “So this is about your image? ”

                “Yes of course. What else could it be about?” Harry said.

                “God why can’t you just admit it Harry!” I shouted

                “Now you’re the one that needs to lower  your voice.”

                “ I have an even better idea, instead of lowering my voice I just stop talking all together.” I said before I marched back into the club.

                I went back towards the booth and no one was there, they were all on the dance floor having a blast. I didn’t even bother to go up to any of them to tell them I was leaving, I just grabbed my stuff and went towards the back entrance. Before I left I took one final glance towards all of them and saw that Harry was with them and he was with Katherine looking as happy as ever. It was now that I realized that maybe he really isn’t in love with me anymore, and with tears in my eyes I left.   

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