Here I Am

The Sequel to What Are The Odds, Here I Am is all about Estrella's journey to finding her self and trying to forget the past that is haunting her. Estrella will soon find out that running from the past is easier said than done. Will she ever find her birth parents? Will she ever let Harry back in her heart or is it to late?


17. Let My Harry Go


Estrella’s P.O.V

                Have you ever woken up in the morning and have no clue where the hell you are? Well if you haven’t thank your lucky stars because it’s the scariest shit ever, plus it doesn’t help that the unfamiliar room you’re in is spinning. Though the room was spinning there’s no mistaking that the bed moved and it wasn’t because of me. I looked next to me and there was Jesus. I covered my mouth to stop myself from screaming because I really didn’t want him to wake up, plus I could feel whatever it was I ate last night coming back up. I noticed that he had a black eye but right now I could care less how he got it. I tried my hardest to move out of the bed without waking him up and when I did I looked on the floor to find my clothes there. NO! NO! NO! Please God let this be that I was just hot while I was sleeping and took of some items of clothing and that I did not just give my body away to someone when I was drunk. I quickly got dressed and tried to find my way to the front door, I found it and realized as soon as I stepped out that I was in the hotel, at least I didn’t have to do a walk of shame outside where people could actually see. I hopped in the elevator and as soon as I got on my floor I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I rushed out of the elevator, unlocked my room door and ran into the bathroom to hunch over the toilet. All of a sudden I heard a voice with an Irish accent coming from the door of the bathroom.

                “Well isn’t this a beautiful sight to see. You look just ravishing this morning.”

                “Your sarcasm isn’t needed here Niall. I know that I look how I feel, which is complete shit.”

                “Okay well I didn’t want to say it but since you already did I guess its okay. You look like rubbish!” Niall laughed.

                As I tried to reply to his remark my stomach thought it was a better idea to finish what it started. As I hunched over again I felt someone helping holding my hair. When I finished I looked up to see Niall smiling down at me. I washed my mouth and then headed towards my bed to see that it looked like it was already slept in.

                “Did you stay here last night Niall?” I asked.

                “Yeah, I was ordered to stay here until you came back home but I guess I feel asleep waiting, I’m such a bad solider! Where were you anyway that you never came back?” Niall replied.

                “Ordered? By who? Harry?”

                “Thanks for ignoring my question!”

                “I guess I stayed all night at Jesus house.”


                “What are you screaming about? What the fuck happened last night?” I asked.

                “Wow you really have no clue do you.” Niall said as he left the room.

                I was about to follow him but he came back in seconds later with a magazine in his hand and threw it on the bed next to me.

                “OH MY GOD!”

                That was all I could say. There I was staring at the cover of a tabloid magazine that had Harry punching Jesus right in the face at a club. I flipped to the page where the article was on and there was another picture of the fight along with me making out with Jesus.

                “What did I do.” I whispered as tears came into my eyes.

                “Don’t cry Estrella.”

                “Where is he?” I asked as I wiped the tears from my eyes.

                “Don’t freak out but he’s in jail.”

                “HE’S WHERE!”

                I screamed and I guess I got up too fast for my own good because Niall had to grab me to stop me from falling.

                “I told you not to freak out.”

                “You just told me that Harry’s in jail and you expect me to not freak out. Why hasn’t anyone gotten him out?” I asked as I frantically looked around for shoes which I just noticed I didn’t have on.

                “Well first it was the whole language difference but that was fixed when Natasha and I were there but they said they couldn’t do anything about it. Jesus is apparently pressing charges and there’s no bail for him.”

                “I have to fix this now, I’m going down there and I’m going to get him out.”

                “Estrella how to you plan on doing that, we’ve tried everything.”

                I stopped for a second to ponder on what Niall was saying. He’s right I mean they have money and power yet they couldn’t get him out, what the hell can I do that they couldn’t?

                “I don’t care I have to at least try.”

                “Fine, here’s the address to the police station he’s at. Oh and just a heads up Katherine’s there, she hasn’t left since he’s been there.”

                I just nodded and left. Not only did I have to figure out how I was going to get Harry out but now I had to figure out how not to get locked up myself by not knocking blonde bitch right on her ass. 

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