Here I Am

The Sequel to What Are The Odds, Here I Am is all about Estrella's journey to finding her self and trying to forget the past that is haunting her. Estrella will soon find out that running from the past is easier said than done. Will she ever find her birth parents? Will she ever let Harry back in her heart or is it to late?


16. Contract


Harry’s P.O.V

                We arrived to the restaurant just on time thanks to punctual Liam and waiting for us at what seemed to be the longest dinner table I’ve ever seen was everyone from our team.  Hellos were exchanged and we all sat down with menus in our hands and Estrella and Natasha still hadn’t showed up. Something must be up, it’s not like Estrella to be late that’s more Natasha’s job. Not only did I notice but so did the rest of the boys and management.

                “Where are the girls? It’s rare that we would invite them to a business meeting but they are needed to be here. The meeting sort of is all about them.”  Paul spoke up.

                “WE’RE HEREEEEEEE!” someone yelled.

                I’d recognize that voice anywhere, Estrella. Everyone’s attention went towards the double door of the private room we were in of the restaurant and in entered Natasha and Estrella. I notice on their way to the table Natasha whispered something in Estrella’s ear. They both sat down but instead of Natasha sitting next to Zayn like she does for any other occasion she decided to sit between me and Estrella. Did Estrella tell her to make some sort of barrier between us because of something I said earlier tonight? Was whatever I said really that bad? I gave a smile at Natasha and she returned it but after gave a look to Zayn, one of those looks that you know those two people are having a conversation without even talking. I just tried to ignore it and looked at Estrella to find her already staring back.

                “Hey.” I simply said

                She just waved as a response. No hey styles like usual, there’s definitely something wrong. Why wasn’t she talking to me? As dinner continued I realized that she wasn’t really talking to anyone, not one word was spoken.

                “Well now that are stomachs are at ease let’s get to business shall we.” Paul stated and then continued on.

                “As you lads know you guys have a show tomorrow in San Juan but there’s been a change in our plans. We’ve been watching the fans reactions to you being here in Puerto Rico and how many of them are quite upset that there’s only going to be one show so we’ve decided that we’re going to be extending our stay here and doing two more shows.”

                Crap. Everyone started to clap excited to hear this news, well everyone except me. All I could think about was how much more time that meant that we were around Jesus. I guess everyone noticed that I didn’t looked pleased by the news so I decided to just give them a reassuring smile that everything was okay.

                “I don’t mean interrupt but why did you want us here? I mean the boys could’ve told us this info.” Natasha asked.

                “No by all means you have the right to be curious Natasha about why you’re here, you to Estrella. Don’t be offended Natasha but the main girl I wanted to address was Estrella.” Paul said as his eyes redirected towards Estrella’s direction.

                As soon as Natasha heard those words come out of Paul’s mouth a worried expression got plastered on not only hers but Zayn’s face as well. What do these two know that no one else does that has their panties in a bunch?

Natasha’s P.O.V

                Oh lord no! Of course this would happen, of course out of all the nights Estrella had to be drunk off her ass. Estrella did not take my advice to take a nap on the car ride to the restaurant so she was still as wasted as ever. As soon as we walked in she hit on the waiter that was showing us where the private room was, then she decided to scream about our arrival and now somehow she has to speak to Paul in a way that she doesn’t show that she can’t even say the alphabet right now. I told her not to speak at all but right now she had no choice, she couldn’t just ignore Paul in front of everyone at dinner.

                “I just wanted to say that the fan base right now actually loves you. We haven’t seen one hate tweet or anything since you’ve came back into Harry’s life; it’s actually a good look for Harry’s reputation.”

                “Oh well too bad it’s all fake, not sure the fans are going to like that much.” Estrella spoke.

                “That’s why we have to here tonight; we need to sort out an agreement.”

                “Are you trying to tell me that you want to make a fucking contract?” Estrella responded.

Harry’s P.O.V

                Everyone looked around shocked including me. I know Estrella and she would never speak that way to Paul, let alone at a business meeting. I look at Natasha who just face palmed herself and before anyone including Paul could say anything Estrella spoke again.

                “There’s no way in hell I’m going to pretend to be his girlfriend anymore, you couldn’t pay me enough. I’m tired pretending to be his when he’s someone else’s, why don’t you just come out with Katherine huh? I mean she’s prettier, taller and just overall better than me right?” she spun around to look at me and stumbled.

                I caught her but she quickly threw my hands off of her. I was only close to her for a split second but I knew what the problem was, she was completely trashed.

                “Get off of me! So management why can’t he just be out publicly with Katherine? I mean that’s what he wants right, hell that’s what I want now too! He doesn’t want to be with me he’s said it countless times but you know what it’s okay, I’ll pack my shit and be out of all of your lives because who needs me when you have Katherine right? Perfect fucking Katherine!” Estrella said and then stormed out leaving everyone speechless.

                Natasha stood up and spoke, “Just to let you all know she’s not going to remember any of this in the morning, it’s my fault we had some drinks this afternoon and I guess I underestimated how much she could handle. I knew we shouldn’t have but I insisted.”

                I knew she was lying, I knew for a fact the last time she saw her was this morning. Zayn quickly stood up and spoke.

                “No I was there too; I should have been responsible as well.”

                “Well lads I’m not that heartless, I know things happen but you have to separate work and play. Don’t have this happen again and I’ll make sure to have a little chat with Estrella tomorrow morning when she’s in a better mind set.” Paul said and then walked out with the rest of management.

                “What in the bloody hell was that?” Louis asked.

                “Lads I knew what was wrong with her the moment she stepped in here, she was wasted wasn’t she Natasha?” Niall spoke.

                “Yeah she was and that’s why we were late, I was trying to sober her up but obviously that didn’t work.”

                “I KNEW IT! You hide the smell of liquor from an Irish man.”

                “Okay, is anyone else worried about her whereabouts right now?” Liam asked.

                “I’m going to go look for her guys.” I spoke as I grabbed my coat.

                “Are you sure that’s a good idea mate? I mean did you not hear what she was saying about you?” Zayn asked.

                “Bro I don’t care, plus she’s drunk she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” I said before I went through the door looking for Estrella.

                I honestly didn’t know where to look. She might be drunk but I doubt she would go to the hotel if she didn’t want to be found, she knew that would be the first place someone would check. Suddenly a got an idea of where she might be and winced at the thought. The whole way there I was hoping praying that I was wrong and that she wasn’t there but as I entered I saw that I was right. There was Estrella, making out with Jesus and people snapping away with their cameras.   

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