Here I Am

The Sequel to What Are The Odds, Here I Am is all about Estrella's journey to finding her self and trying to forget the past that is haunting her. Estrella will soon find out that running from the past is easier said than done. Will she ever find her birth parents? Will she ever let Harry back in her heart or is it to late?


8. A Work Of Art


Harry’s P.O.V

                I got onto the bus and made as little eye contact as possible with everyone but I could still feel their eyes burning into my back as I walked past them and to my bed on the bus. The talk with Katherine went pretty well, better than I expected actually since she took the news of Estrella coming on tour with us rather well, but I was still pissed not only at Estrella but at myself. The whole time that I was talking to Katherine I was thinking about her and what she said to me in the hallway. As I lay down on my bed not only were those words still buzzing in my head but now Katherine’s last words were mixed in there as well.

I trust you Harry, I know you’ll behave yourself. I love you.

I couldn’t help but feel guilt as I gave her a peck and walked away. She trusted me to be around my ex-girlfriend yet I didn’t even trust myself to be around her, not since holding her hand on stage during the whole interview. The spark was still there and there was no way to deny it… but I will if asked by her. The whole I love you thing made me feel guilt because I knew that she noticed I didn’t reply back to it. I didn’t say it back because I care for her but I know I don’t love her… well in all honesty I don’t know how I feel anymore. The sound of my curtain opening snapped me out of my deep thoughts and I was sort of glad, I didn’t want to think about any of that anymore. My joy evaporated when I realized who it was that had relief me from those thoughts.

Estrella’s P.O.V

                “What do you want?” Harry said as he scowled at me.

I had a feeling that he would have an unpleasant reaction towards the whole situation but I didn’t realize how bad it was going to be. If I want him back I need to be on his good side but I honestly have no idea how I’m going to accomplish that. All that was going through my mind was Louis telling me to be myself, do what I would normally do… so I did.

                “I’m sorry.” I said.

                Harry arched his right eyebrow in response but didn’t speak so I continued.

                “ I know that I shouldn’t have done what I did, and for that I’m sorry”

                “If you knew what you were doing was wrong why did you do it in the first place?” Harry asked.

BECAUSE I DON’T WANT YOU WITH THAT BLONDE BARBIE BITCH! YOU’RE MY HARRY, NO ONE ELSE’S! I thought  but saying that would not only make me look like a psycho bitch but it also wouldn’t get me on his good side so I gave my ultimate reason.

                “Honestly, I did it for love. People do stupid and careless things for the people that they love.” I responded.

                Still no reaction from Harry and I was starting to get annoyed by it. I just gave you an apology and basically told you that I still love you and nothing! I closed him curtain and began to walk away when I finally heard him say something. I turned around and opened the curtain back up,

                “What did you just say?” I asked

                “ I said I forgive you.”

                I smiled in response

                “Oh and by the way you’re right, what you did was stupid and careless.” Harry said as he chuckled.

                I quickly grabbed his pillow from underneath his head and pounded him with it so I can get a good laugh of my own. He quickly surrendered so I gave him back his pillow.

                “Yeah it was, but it was out of love.” I said.

                With that I closed back up his curtain and left him lying there on his bed. As I walked back to the sitting area of the bus that everyone was in I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that Harry had forgiven me . Not only did he forgive me but he was actually being how he used to be around me, he wasn’t being cold hearted anymore. I sat next to Louis and he nudged me with his elbow.

                “Hey what was that for?” I asked.

                “A good job nudge, I heard your little convo over there.” Louis responded

                “More like he crept over there to eaves drop.” Niall interjected.

                I just smiled as Louis threw his pillow at Niall. The rest of the ride to the airport we all just hanged out playing games or listening to the radio but one in a while I found myself out of my element. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through Harry’s mind and what happened with his little “girlfriend”. My thoughts were interrupted when everyone  exploded in a roar of laughter. I looked around and couldn’t help but join in when I caught sight of what it was that everyone was laughing about. I hadn’t notice but I guess during the drive Liam fell asleep and Zayn had found a sharpie. Somehow Liam was still knocked out so I took the opportunity to grab my phone and take a picture. I posted it on twitter and it got retweets almost immediately.

What a work of art :)@Real_Liam_Payne looks fab!

As if on cue the bus stopped and we were at the airport. The guys tried to compose and keep their cool before they woke Liam up and I decided to go wake up Harry. As I walked over to where he was I heard a loud laugh and as I pulled the curtain I saw Harry with tears on his eyes and his hands covering his mouth. I took his phone to see what the hell was so funny and I was staring at the picture of Liam that I just took.

                “Okay get it all out now before you see him. Don’t stare so hard at him, act like there’s nothing wrong or you’re going to fuck it up. The guys what him to go out and greet fans like that.” I explained

                “Alright, man I’m glad I stayed in here.” Harry said.

                As Harry got up I closed twitter from his phone and I couldn’t help but gasp at what I saw as his screensaver. Harry heard me gasp and quickly turned around, when he did I looked him right in the eyes.

                “You still have it.” I whispered.

                “I deleted it once because Louis made me but I just went on one of those gossip websites and got it back.” He said while he blushed.

                I looked back down at the picture. It was the first official picture of Harry and I. The picture the paparazzi took of us, our first kiss. Even though we didn’t know it was being taken it was still cute. This still made me confused and I had to ask.

                “But why? Why do you still have it as your screen saver?”

                “Can I be honest with you Estrella?”

I just nodded and Harry continued.

 “The picture reminded me that it wasn’t all a dream, that you really existed. Plus it’s the only picture that we have together.” Harry explained.

I quickly did a flashback to whenever me and Harry were together and he was right, that picture was the only picture that we had together. I quickly took out my new phone, thanks to Natasha and spoke.

“Well I’m here now and that’s as real as it gets so let’s take a picture, be the first person I take a picture with on this bad boy.”  

“I just woke up Estrella it’s not fair that you look like that and I literally just rolled out of bed.” Harry whimpered

“Oh come on I promise no one is going to see it! It’s for my eyes only I swear, cross my heart and hope to die… wait maybe I shouldn’t say that before going on a plane.”

Harry chuckled, “Still afraid of heights I see. Fine hurry up before I change my mind.”

I quickly went next to Harry and turned on the camera on my phone.

“Okay say Queso!” I said

I knew the picture was going to come out crappy the moment I took it because of Harry laughing when I said queso, which made me laugh. We both looked at the picture and laughed some more and the sight.

“ This is horrible but at least we have a whole tour to get the perfect picture.” I said.


The sound of his voice immediately reminded the both of us about his face so we bolted outside. The fans reaction to Liam was completely normal and I was confused until I checked twitter and saw that Louis tweeted saying for the fans at the airport to act normal when they saw him and not to use camera that he can see his own face. I couldn’t help but smile at the guys laughing and taking pictures with their fans.

“It’s hard to believe that you were once them isn’t it.” Natasha whispered in my ear.

“I know. I was living the dream and I threw it all away. I’m a complete dumb ass.” I said

“Yeah but you’re my dumb ass.” Natasha chuckled. ”Plus you’re making everything right again so it’ll balance out.”  

“I hope so Natasha… I really love him.” I sighed.

“I know the feeling, I’m in love with an idiot who draws on people’s faces for fun.”

We both laughed and then realized that the fans were calling us over. Eventually the boys started to call us over so we had no choice to go. We chatted and answered some questions, some asked us for autographs but we told them sorry no can do. We aren’t celebrities to be giving out autographs, just because the boys are famous doesn’t mean that we were. We soon had to leave but before we did the girls started to chant towards Harry and I and it made me blush.

“KISS, KISS, KISS, KISS!” they shouted.

I had mixed emotions about this. In a way I wanted to kiss Harry, I missed his soft pink lips pressed again my own and the butterflies that fluttered in my stomach every time that his lips touched mine. But I also wanted to get a kiss because he wanted to kiss me, because he was mine again, not because of peer pressure by fans. Harry began to laugh and just gave me a peck on the cheek and the girls went wild. I couldn’t help but smile at the fact that Harry then put his arm around my waist as we walked away, I couldn’t tell if it was for show or if it was just a natural reaction.  As we walked away I heard one fan’s response to the kiss that made me chuckle.

“That wasn’t a real kiss, you need to kiss like a real man Harold!” she screamed.

I looked towards Harry and I guess he heard her comment too because he was laughing.

“She right you know, that wasn’t a real kiss.” I said

“Not just anybody gets a kiss from me, sorry.” He said as he took his hand off my waist boarded the plane.

I stood in front of the stairs of the plane taking deep breathes. I guess I was out for too long because Harry’s head popped back into view and he offered me his hand.

“Come on Estrella I promise nothing’s going to happen. You can sit next to me and we’ll watch The Notebook.”

With that I got a surge of courage and hopped on the plane. I grabbed a blanket and some headphones and sat next to Harry to watch my favorite movie, which I can’t believe he remembered. When the pilot said that it was safe for us to take off our seatbelts everyone braced themselves for a loud scream since Liam announced that he was going to the bathroom. Sure enough the second that he entered we heard a loud scream and we all busted out laughing. As we calmed down and I leaned against Harry shoulder I couldn’t help but feel like not only was my plan working but I’m going to have an amazing time on tour with my best friends. 

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