Ray of sunshine

Bailey is just your ordinary directioner, but when the band is on the verge of braking, she's given the opportunity not most is; to meet them and try to solve their problem. Will she give 1D a reason to stay together? Or will all hope be shattered? And what happens along the way?


1. Tragic news

Baileys POV:
I couldn't believe this.
One direction splitting up?
I gaped at my laptops screen. How?
I read the tweet over and over.
@liam_payne_official : "Hi fans, I'm sorry to say due to an argument, one direction may be splitting up soon. Devoted fans however may enter a competition to explain to us in person why not to split. I personally don't want to, but it's not my choice.. Xx Liam"

I read it again. And again. And I clicked the link to the competition and entered. Please pick me!

-1 week later-
I checked my emails. Again. Nothing. Again.
I ran my fingers through my short dirty blonde hair, frowning. Come on.. I want this! I clicked refresh.

(1) Mail(s) - from s.cowell.mail@xfactor.com.uk

Hello Bailey,
You have been chosen to talk to One Direction on Saturday the 4th of November 2012. 
Please do not take flash photography. Thankyou.
Yours, S.Cowell.

YESS! I could show em. They can't break up. They just can't.
I'll fix this.
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