Two ordinary surfers Chloe and Ricci meet two charming men, Harry and Niall. These girls have very strict parents and have been dreaming to go night surfing all their lives, they call the boys and eventually arrive at the beach by sneaking out their window. The boys were sitting on the beach watching when suddenly they heard screaming and one of these surfers got taken...


5. Taken..

Ricci's P.O.V 

"OH MY GOD, CHLOE. AHHHH" I scream "CHLOE?!" she came up struggling to swim and I paddled over to her putting her on the board. "HELP US, PLEASE. HELP" I yelled loud enough hopefully the boys would hear, I tried as much as I could and pushed her on her board too. I was going as fast as I could "NIALL, HARRY HELP, SHARK" I screamed. I was nearly half way there.

Niall's P.O.V

Harry and I were playing a game of soccer and we suddenly heard screaming, we looked over and saw Ricci pushing Chloe on her board screaming help and that a shark got her. Harry ran straight into the water to help pull her in whilst I ran as fast as I could to the phone, I called the ambulance and they were on their way. As soon as I did that I ran into the water to help. We finally got to shore and her arm was gone, she was just lying there in shock on what had happened to her. Harry took off his shirt whilst tears pouring down his face and wrapping it around her arm to stop losing so much blood. We carried her off the beach "it will be okay, just stay with us" I told her trying not to panic.

Harry's P.O.V

"stay with me Chloe, don't leave me. Stay...please. I love you" I told her whilst crying, I kept holding my shirt on her arm. She looked like she was in pain, I couldn't stand it. I can't see her in pain, she doesn't deserve it. I saw the ambulance rush here and got her in the back of the car. I had to go with her, I'm not losing her. Niall and Ricci got into their car and were following us to the hospital. I was watching her get shocked in the truck by the man. I held onto her hand the whole way. I kept crying and crying, it couldn't stop. I loved her. We got to the hospital and all the nurses and surgeons came and put her on the bed wheeling as fast as they could down the isle, I ran with them and we got to the door and the nurse stopped me. When she did, our hands slowly separated."I'm sorry but you are going to have to stay here" she told me and ran into the operating room. I went and sat down with Ricci and Niall, they were both crying and saw me coming. "she will be okay mate, don't worry" Niall told me and Ricci's head nodding in agreement. "why? Why me? She didn't deserve this." I said angrily but still bowling my eyes out. 

Ricci's P.O.V

I couldn't speak. I was in shock from what I saw. Harry was right, she didn't deserve this. I couldn't stop crying either. The tears kept running down everyone's face. "please don't take her, I need her in my life." I kept on praying for her life.

* 3 hours later 

The surgeon came out and said we could go visit her. We stood up and went into her room. Harry ran straight to her and grabbed her hand, but she was still asleep. I got her other hand and Niall was standing next to me while calling her mum. The tears kept flowing down our face. "she will be alright" I heard Harry say to himself and he kept repeating it. 

Chloe's P.O.V 

I woke up in the hospital bed and saw my mum, Ricci, Niall and Harry sitting next to me asleep. I shook my mums hand and she woke up, her eyes widened as she saw me awake and gave me a kiss on the forehead. Everyone woke up and did the same except Harry. His eyes were all puffy and swollen from crying too much, he came up to me and kissed me and hugged me so tightly that I never wanted him to stop. "how are you feeling?" the nurse asked me. "um, it hurts" I managed to tell her. "yes that is normal, you look pretty good and so that means you can go home in a couple days" she said giving me a smile and walking out. "you're so brave" my best friend, Ricci said to me. "I missed you so much" Niall told me. "I missed you guys so much too" I told them trying to give my best smile. Then Harry came closer to me staring at me. "I love you Chloe, if I lost you I would have nothing else left. You are a very strong girl and I just want you in my arms forever" he said. A tear then strolled down my cheek and he leaned in, put his hand on my face and wiped it away, he smiled and then gave me a kiss. 

Harry's P.O.V


"so I hear you're finally leaving us?" the nurse told Chloe and smiled. "yes I am, thank you so much" she said and smiled then walked out in my arms. That moment in time, I felt like I was in heaven and never wanted to let go. But then I stopped and faced her. "Chloe, promise me you will never leave me and stay with me forever and always?" I asked. "I promise" she said smiling at me and you could see in her eyes, that she truly meant it. We drove home and I helped her up the stairs.. I open the door for her and there was a massive sign asking 'will you marry me?' when she saw the sign, I bent down on one knee and said "Chloe, I love you more than anything, you mean the world to me and I need you with me so.." I said whilst pulling out a ring from my pocket "will you marry me?" 
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