Two ordinary surfers Chloe and Ricci meet two charming men, Harry and Niall. These girls have very strict parents and have been dreaming to go night surfing all their lives, they call the boys and eventually arrive at the beach by sneaking out their window. The boys were sitting on the beach watching when suddenly they heard screaming and one of these surfers got taken...


4. Anniversary Dinner


Harry's P.O.V 

It's been a year with Chloe and its been the best time of my life, I love her with all my heart and can't picture my life without her. So tonight as my gift I'm taking her out to dinner at 7 o' clock. It was only 10 o'clock now so Niall and I went to the shops so I could find a nice enough tux for tonight. We got freshened up and went straight away. He kept talking about Ricci and how amazing she is. "I can't get her out of my mind bro, she's drop dead gorgeous, I've been with her for so long and every time I kiss her, the connection between us still feels new and nothing has changed." he told me, the whole time he said it, he was smiling. "wow mate you sound like you love her quite a lot" I said laughing at his reaction "I love her more than a lot. She stole my heart" he said blushing. 

Chloe's P.O.V

"I wannaaaaa seeeee nialllllllll" I heard Ricci whine. "haha he is out but you will see him tonight after our dinner when we finally go night surfing." I said with excitement, Ricci and I are finally going to sneak out of the house and go night surfing, we've been wanting this so bad. "ok, I'm so glad we're finally doing it TONIGHT YAY" she said, I just laughed. I spent the whole day making Harry's anniversary present. I decided to make a scrapbook of photos from the past year and write my own love poems in there, I stuck many flowers in the book and love hearts. 

Ricci's P.O.V 

I couldn't wait to go night surfing tonight and to see Niall. *beep beep beep* I heard my phone go off, I checked it and it was a text from Niall. "hey baby, I can't wait to see you tonight in your bikini ;) I love you and miss you beautiful (: x" I was smiling at my screen like an idiot, I couldn't help it. He was just too cute. "haha aw babe, love you too. <3" I replied. I put my phone down and went to go help Chloe with her scrapbooking. 

Niall's P.O.V 

* beep beep beep * I checked my phone and read the message Ricci sent me. "gosh I love her" I said to myself. Just that one text made me smile for the rest of the day. Harry finally got a suit and now the time was 6 o'clock and Harry and I rushed home to get ready. "cheers for the help today mate" Harry told me on the way home "any time bro" I said smiling. 

Harry's P.O.V 

I'm finally home and thanks to Niall I found a pretty good suit, if it wasn't for him I'd still be there running around like crazy. When I went through the door I went straight to the bathroom and had a quick shower and washed mhair. I then got out and put my new tux on with these fancy shoes and put some men's links on. By the time I finished I just went on the couch and talked to Niall until it was time to go. 

Chloe's P.O.V

"oh wow, already 6 o'clock?" I asked Ricci. "yup, better start getting ready" she said giving me a sweet smile. "time flew today" I replied. I got up and went and had a shower, after I got out I dried it and decided to curl my hair. 

* 10 minutes later 

I finished curling my hair and putting my light make up on and it was time to go.

Harry's P.O.V

I was waiting at a table and then I saw Chloe walk through that door. I was absolutely speechless. I got up and went to her giving her a short but passionate kiss. "wow Chloe, you look...stunning" I said looking at her smiling. She gave me the gift and said "aww thanks baby, you look very handsome as well" and she gave me a kiss. We went and sat down and I opened my present. "oh my god Hun, that's beautiful, did you spend all day making this?" I asked her. "I'm glad you like it and yes I did" she answered smiling. "hello, my name is taylor and I'll be your waiter tonight" Taylor said. We ordered our food and after about 10 minutes it arrived, we dug in and thought it was so good. "well time to leave and watch you girls go night surfing" I told her "yay, thanks baby, this was wonderful" she told me and gave me a kiss. 

What Happened? 

Ricci's  P.O.V

"BABBYYYYY COMEEEEE OVERRRRRR :) and I'll take you to the beach to meet Chloe" Niall texted me. "OKAAAYYYY CUTIE ;)" I replied to him. I put on my bikini and slowly snuck out the window, I grabbed my skate board and skated over to my boyfriends house, once I got there he ran outside and picked me up, spinning me around. He put me on the ground and gave me a passionate kiss. "hey beautiful" he said smiling at me. "hey cutie" I said back. We turned around and started walking to the beach. One of my hands was holding his and my other was holding my surf board. We started walking and talking about everything. 

Chloe's P.O.V

We got in the car and headed straight to the beach and as soon as we got there I ran to Ricci giving her a massive hug and the guys fist pumped. We took off our clothes and had our bikinis on underneath, we got our surf boards and gave the guys a kiss. "FINAAALLLYYYYY" I shouted to Ricci as we ran into the water laughing. "WOOOOOOO" she shouted back. we paddled out getting deeper and deeper. I caught my first wave and it felt so good. Ricci caught her first wave tonight as well. When we caught a couple waves we just sat on our surf boards talking and watching the stars while the guys were mucking around on the beach. "this is just as amazing and everyone said it was" Ricci told me smiling. "it's just perfect, I love it. The stars are shining and I'm with my best friend, whilst our boyfriends are watching us on the sand, what else could I ask for?" 

* 5 minutes later 

We were just floating in the water appreciating our life when suddenly I got pulled under.
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