Two ordinary surfers Chloe and Ricci meet two charming men, Harry and Niall. These girls have very strict parents and have been dreaming to go night surfing all their lives, they call the boys and eventually arrive at the beach by sneaking out their window. The boys were sitting on the beach watching when suddenly they heard screaming and one of these surfers got taken...


3. A day with her <3

Niall's P.O.V

*beep beep beeeep* I woke up to the sound of my phone, I checked it and I got a text from Ricci. "heeey, sorry if I woke you, I just couldn't wait to talk to you (:" "why hello there, it's fine, did you, Chloe, Harry and I want to do something today?:D" I texted back. "yeah sure, wanna get a coffee?" she texted me "alright, meet you at the coffee shop in about half an hour? x" "ok, bye x" I got straight up and woke Harry as we are housemates. He was so excited. (probably to see Chloe) I went and had a shower and cleaned up and quickly made breakfast. 

Harry's P.O.V 

Seeing Chloe would make my day so much better, I loved seeing her. After Niall was finished getting ready, I went and took a quick shower and freshened up. I went down stairs and had break fast with Niall. Once we were finished we walked to the coffee shop as it was just around the corner. when we got inside the girls had saved us a table all together. I saw Chloe and my jaw dropped, she's looked so simple but yet so stunning, like she was a Victoria's secret model. She ran up to us and gave us tight hugs, when she gave me one I could've stayed like that forever, we pulled apart "you look great" I told her with a smile. "aw thank you, you look quite handsome yourself" she told me. She was perfect. 

Ricci's P.O.V

I saw the guys walk through the door and stood up, I ran straight to Niall and hugged him, his scent was so good. We lead them to the table and sat down, we got to know each other and told each other funny stories, it felt like we've known each other since we were kids. It was a great morning. After we finished our drinks we went to look at the beach shops. I was walking with Niall and Chloe was walking next to Harry. 

Chloe's P.O.V

We went to look at the beach shops and most of the shops had the most gorgeous things in there, I was walking beside Harry most of the time, we all had a great time, getting to know each other quite well. I found out that the guys could sing, which just makes them more perfect. 

Niall's P.O.V

We made a day of it, seeing Ricci was amazing, she was a very lovely girl, her smile was drop dead gorgeous and her long brown hair was perfect and I'm glad she tripped over me that day or else I would probably be sitting at my place eating. "well today was fun" she told me and was looking straight at me "it was indeed, I can't wait to see you next" I said giving her a wink, she giggled a bit and I love when she does that "me either" she said. "do you want me to drop you home?" I asked nicely, "oh no it's fine, Chloe lives just down the road and I basically live at her place haha but thanks for the offer" she said smiling. She gave me a hug goodbye and ran over to Chloe. 

Harry's P.O.V 

I stopped and looked directly into Chloe's eyes, I couldn't believe how beautiful she was, I was leaning in to kiss her but then Ricci rushed over and told her the time was 6 o'clock and they had to be home as soon as possible. When she came we both pulled away and giggled a bit. "Chloe, we have to go now!" Ricci told her "oh my gosh, mum and dad will kill us if they see we're not back" I heard Chloe say. "I'm so sorry Harry, I'll see you later" she told me and gave me a hug before she left, they quickly got their skate boards and skated away.
"they must have really strict parents if they have to be home at 6" Niall said sadly "I know bud, well, at least we have them for the whole day" I told him smiling.
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