I have always loved you

Macy Collins has had a rough life, but has always made it through it all because of her best friend since kindergarten, Harry Styles. She wants to be more than friends, but she's afraid to tell him and ruin there wonderful friendship. Then Harry leaves for the X-Factor forgetting about Macy. One day, they meet once again, bringing back amazing memories together, Harry regains the feeling he had before he left, but when Macy gets a new boyfriend, Harry gets jealous and trys to steal her heart back.


1. The promise

Harry P.O.V

"Harr-Harry can you please come get me?" Macy said, sobbing through the phone. Something was up, Macy just doesn't just call me at 3 am balling her eyes out.

"I will be there in 5 minutes, where are you at?" I asked her, as I got out of bed, grabbing the first T-shirt I saw out of my closet. Then quickly put on my shoes and grabbed my keys and headed out the door.

"I-I'm at Andrews house, and we got into a fight and I just want to leave." She said. Andrew. Whenever I heard that name I wanted to punch a wall. He was her boyfriend for about 6 months now, on and off though. He had broken her hearts so many times, I wanted to hurt the guy. I got into my car and headed to house, anger rushing through my whole body.

"I'll be right there love, just wait outside so I don't have to come in and kill the guy." I told her, I heard her laugh a little, even though I was being dead serious.

"Thank you Harry." She said, I could hear her calming down a little bit more knowing I was on the way to the rescue, just like I had 4 times already.

5 minutes later...

I pulled into Andrews house, Macy sitting on the curb. I could see Andrew staring through the window. She looked like a mess, her head buried in hands as her knees were up against her chest. I completly broke my heart seeing her like this. I loved her, and not just as a friend. I really loved her. I didn't dare tell her though, I knew she HAD a boyfriend, and I didn't know how or when to say how I actually felt about her.

As soon as she saw my headlights, she got up, her mascara smeared all a crossed her face and her hair all messy and flying everywhere. She still looked as beautiful as she always did. She rushed into the passagers seat of my car, not saying a word. I pulled out of the driveway, and headed to her house.

"So.." I said, trying to break the silence. She didn't say a word, she just stared at the window, I could see tears streaming down her face. It completely broke my heart into pieces. I never saw her like this, some serious fight must have happened because Macy has been one of the most strongest and indepentent girl I have known. "Do you want to take about it?"

She wiped her cheek with her sweatshirt. Then coughed a little, "Um, well we were watching a movie together, then we started kissing and..." she trailed off. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"You didn't." I said, gritting through my teeth.

"No, no, never! Thats why we got into a fight, I wouldn't and I'm not ready anyways. He got mad and started complaining and I told him that I wasn't ready then he called me some really bad names and then I don't know... things just got out of hand." She said. A rush of relief through me, thank god she didn't espessially with that loser.

We pulled into her house, I shut of the car and we unbuckled our seatbeats. "Do you mind, staying the night with me?" She asked me.

"Not at all." I've spent the night at her house tons of times. I would just crash on her couch when I would be to tired to drive home, after our movie marothons we had every Friday night. We spent everyday together ever since we were in Kindergarten no matter what. One time, Macy went on vacation for the weekend, I sat home and did nothing because all my plans were with her.

We walked quietly inside her house, not waking her parents up. We walked upstairs and into her bedroom. She plopped herself on her bed, while I shut the door.

"Are you tired love?" I asked her. She nodded then patted her hand on the bed to motion me to come sit with her.

I laid down next to her, she laid her head on my chest. I loved it when she did that, I started stroking her hair, and started singing, 'Isn't she lovely,' by Stevie Wonder, one of her favorite songs. I saw her close her gorgeous brown eyes humming along to it.

"Is that the song you are singing when you audition for the X-factor?" She asked me.

"Should I?"

"Yes!" She exclaimed. I laughed at how she could go from crying, to the Macy I loved and knew.

"Okay then I will!" She smiled then laid her head back down. I closed my eyes, and thought all about the X-Factor and how I was leaving in a week. I had been singing ever since I remember, and Macy was the one who convinced to audtion too. I was still unsure, even when my band and I one a battle of the bands contest about 3 weeks ago. I loved the rush of being and stage, and I wanted more and more. The only bad thing, is leaving my family and Macy.

After a few minutes, I thought Macy was asleep, and I was about to go to sleep too. When she asked me, "Harry, promise me that when you go to the X-Factor, you won't forget about me."

"I won't ever forget about you." I told her, then I kissed her forehead as she snuggled up closed to me. I promised myself to keep that promise.

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