I have always loved you

Macy Collins has had a rough life, but has always made it through it all because of her best friend since kindergarten, Harry Styles. She wants to be more than friends, but she's afraid to tell him and ruin there wonderful friendship. Then Harry leaves for the X-Factor forgetting about Macy. One day, they meet once again, bringing back amazing memories together, Harry regains the feeling he had before he left, but when Macy gets a new boyfriend, Harry gets jealous and trys to steal her heart back.


3. Small world

"Macy?" Jamie knocked on my door. I rushed off my bed, then into my bathroom and straightened myself up quickly.

"Yeah?" I said then opened the door. Luckily she didn't notice my puffy red eyes from crying.

"Want to go to a club and get a drink or something?" She asked me. I wasn't really in the mood, I kinda wanted to stay home and just go to bed. Then, another part of me was saying, 'Go have some fun! You deserve it!' I followed the part that was telling me to have fun.

"Sure! I'll be ready in 30 minutes!' I said, her face lite up in excitement.

"Okay!" She sqeauled then walked away. I shut the door and went into my bathroom, taking a long shower. I got out and wrapped my hair in the towel and searched what I should wear. I scanned through a couple of shirts, losing hope to find the right outfit, I couldn't find anything so I just choose a white tank-top, and then some demin shorts then some black flats. I left my brown hair flow naturally down my shoulders. I wore my casaul make up, looking simple. I grabbed my cell phone and was out the door.

Jamie looked amazing, I was so jealous of her. She was wearing a black pencil skirt and a cute white shirt and her hair and make up perfect.

"You ready?" She asked me, I nodded. We walked out the lobby and into the streets of London where it was freezing. It was March though, my birthday was coming up in a couple days. Bleh, I would be 19. I was growing up to fast.

We walked downtown and a little bit, talking and laughing looking for a club, when we came a crossed a building that I could hear music blasting through the walls and flasing lights through the door.

"Lets go here." I said to Jamie, She agreed then we went in. We walked in, and it was packed. People dancing on the dance floor and muitple people at the bar. There was also some people sitting at the tables surronding it all. The vibe was incerible. Jamie went immedietly went to the bar to get us some drinks while I went and sat down at one of the tables.

Jamie was taking a long time, so I just sat there and played with my phone. The disco light was flasing on eyes, when someone came to my table, blocking the light causing me to look up.

I saw one of the hottest boys I have ever seen in my whole life, along with Harry standing in front of me. He looked so familiar, I just couldn't put my fingure on it! He was cute though, he had black hair that stood up a little and brown eyes. He had a couple of tattos a crossed his arm that made him look like a bad boy.

"Um, hi." I said to him, he laughed a little. I had no idea why, I could see 2 other highly attractive boys, giggling and pointing at us, while the guy glanced at them, making them stop.

"I'm Zayn, whats your name beautiful?" He asked me, making me blush a little.

"Macy." I shook my hand out and he took it, squeezing a little. He was smiling like crazy and I couldn't help but smile back.

"Wanna go dance?" He asked me, I nodded and got off the seat and he grabbed my hand as we headed out on the dance floor.

Harry P.O.V

"When do you think they are going to get back, we have a interview tomorrow morning and we have to be ready and not hu-" Liam began, I cut him off though, he was always worrying.

I laughed at him pacing around the living room while I sat on the couch eating a bowl of popcorn and popping them into my month. "Liam, I'm sure they will be back in a while, go to bed or something."

Liam looked at me with a dirty look, "Harry, you know me, I worry alot." He sat down next to me and took a deep breath, I laughed a little bit more. He looked at me once again, "Why aren't you out with them anyways? you always go out."

"I didn't feel like going." I mumbled. We began watching TV, and minutes later, then door opened.

"We're home!" Louis screamed through the house, I could tell he had been drinking, I heard some girls giggle a little. They brought home girls, great. The only time I don't go out, they meet girls. I regonized that laugh though.

No...it couldn't be her, I got off the couch, knocking the popcorn off the couch. I walked to the door. Not believing who was in front me, holding hands with my best friend.

She was whispering something to Zayn, known of them noticing me, standing there watching. Niall was also talking to girl who had blonde, curly hair and was really pretty. Zayn laughed, and looked up at me.

"Oh hey Harry," He said, I ignored him, Macy was staring at me. She got really pale and looked sick. She looked different then I last saw her. Her hair, much longer, she got really skinny, maybe even to skinny, but she was still as beautiful as I rememberd. A bunch load of memories ran through me of me and her. She looked like if you touched her, she would crumble.

"Harry." she said under her breath, I could see her eyes watering. I felt really bad, I broke our promise we made right before the X-factor. I was so stupid to even ignore her texts and calls, fame got to me and I thought I was better than her and the rest of my old friends, I felt like an ass right now.

"Do you to know eachother?" Zayn asked both of us.

"Yeah, we were old friends back in school." She mumbled. That hurt, apperently we were 'old friends from high school' to her. Bullshit! I just wanted to scream to her, 'We were only 'old friends!?' I was your bestfriend from kindergarten, I loved you! Know you show up at my door with my best friend holding hands and flirting!?' but I didn't. I kept calm and smiled and nodded.

"Oh, small world, well anyways, we are going to my bedroom, goodnight guys!" Zayn said, as he toke Macys hand and they walked past me, Macy gave me the worst look ever. She had saddness and anger in her eyes. I could tell, I knew her to well even after a year. I realized then and now, I still loved her.


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