I have always loved you

Macy Collins has had a rough life, but has always made it through it all because of her best friend since kindergarten, Harry Styles. She wants to be more than friends, but she's afraid to tell him and ruin there wonderful friendship. Then Harry leaves for the X-Factor forgetting about Macy. One day, they meet once again, bringing back amazing memories together, Harry regains the feeling he had before he left, but when Macy gets a new boyfriend, Harry gets jealous and trys to steal her heart back.


2. Moved on

Macy P.O.V

1 year later...

"Well, this is pretty much the last of it." The mover said as he carried in the last box full of random junk on the hard wood floor.

"Thanks." Jamie said, then she handed the guy a 5 dollar tip, then he gladly excepted it, and was out the door. Me and Jamie scanned our new apartment we currently shared together in London now. It was a cute apartment, it had a decent size kitchen, and then a living room with a TV, a full couch, a love seat and a coffee table with costers and a candle. Then it had two bedrooms, one for each of us, and then 3 bathroom, 2 that connected to each of our rooms then a guest one. It was perfect.

Jamie grabbed the last box and read the words on top. "This says, 'Old photos.' I think it's for you." She handed me the box. I knew what was in this, and I didn't dare look in it. I grabbed the box, then toke it and set in the very back of closet. Then walked into the kitchen.

"Are you hungry?" I asked her, as my stomach violetly grumbled. She jumped up and down. Jamie was always up for food, obessed pretty much. She was the type of girl that could eat 3 plates of food and not gain a pound.

I meant Jamie right after I graduated from high school. She was a new student, and from America and I was really her only friend, just like she was my only friend. She was funny, loyal, crazy (In a good way) outgoing and didn't care what other people thought about her, just like me. We each wanted to do something crazy with our lifes, so we decieded to move down to London from Holmes Chapel. I have never been happier.

I got out the loaf of bread, while Jamie blasted up the radio, and of course with my luck, One direction was on the radio.

"Can you turn it off." I asked her as soon as Harrys solo came on. She stopped and looked at me for a second, then turned it off.

"Why do you hate them so much?" She asked me as she spread the peanut butter on a piece of bread. I lost my appetite and soon as she asked me that. Thinking of Harry, made my heart break, tears form up in my eyes everytime I heard him sing to millions of people, rememebering when I was only one who got to listen to it.

"I don't hate them, I just don't like them." I grumbled. Jamie looked at me like I was crazy. She was obessed with them, espessially Harry. All she talked about was him, she thought she knew everything about him. I would just smile and listen, thinking in my head, 'Nope, he his favorite color is red, not blue.' I didn't dare tell her about him though, she would flip out and beg me to set her up with him, it was just to hard to talk about him nor think about him after he broke my heart.

Harry left for the X-factor, and forgot all about me, and broke our promise. I remember that night really well. That night my heart was broken, but Harry was there for me, making it better when he promised me that he wouldn't forget about me. I loved him, always have and always will. Now, only the people I went to high school with and my parents knew about him, and they knew not to bring him up. I was different now, it changed me. I would cry myself to sleep the first couple months. I would always text him 'good job' when I would watch him on the X-factor with his 4 new best friends. No reply at all. I gave up and now I was a weak as a twig, afraid of love and everything about life.

"Oh." Was all she could say.

"I'm not hungry anymore." I said.  I set the butter knife down and walked into my room and shut my door. Anger ran through my body. Then I blew up.

WHY WOULD HE JUST LEAVE ME AFTER THE PROMISE HE MADE ME, FOR GODS SAKE, I LOVED HIM!? Thats the question that always was screaming through my head and giving me a headache. I laid down on my bed and slowly cried for about 2 hours, knowing that he had moved on and forgot all about me.

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