My Wish

Olivia and Whitney aren't even close to being rich in fact, they got tickets on the highest level at a One Direction concert. When they get there 2 hours early and sing and dance to One Direction songs, something they only could dream and wish about happens right before their eyes!


9. *Whitney's Part*

Whitney's part, part 9:

Here I was sitting with my bestfriend and my favorite band in the whole world. I still couldn't believe it. The thought I thought about while standing on the stage with Louis came to me again. What were we gonna do when the boys had to perform? Go back to our seats and never see them again? I didn't want that to happen so I accidentally blurted out, "So what happens to Olivia and I while you guys are performing?" Louis looked surprised and then said, "Well love, that's what the boys and I discussed before we called you two down to meet us at the steps. We have 2 seats in the front row that weren't taken. If you want, you may sit there. If not, you can go to your original seats. It's up to you, babe." He called me love and babe! TOTALLY FANGIRLING. I looked at Olivia for her thoughts and I automatically knew she wanted to. "We would love to have the 2 seats in the front row" Olivia said. They all looked happier when she said that. We still had an hour to spend with each other since it was only 7:25. We decided to tell more about each other, such as our birthday, favorite color, age, and our favorite band. I went first. "My birthday is May 23rd. I love orange. I am 16 years old. And my favorite band is One Direction, of course!" All of the boys laughed. Olivia went next. "I was born on March 23rd. I like purple and I'm also 16. My favorite all time band is..." She pointed to all of the boys and then said, "ONE DIRECTION!" We all smiled and laughed. They all went and we laughed more and more after each one. After everyone went, one of us got to ask a question and the rest of the people had to answer. Olivia asked the question first. "What is 1 thing you look for in a girl?Whitney, what is one thing you look for in a guy?" I knew why Olivia asked this! She wanted to know if Liam said something that she had. Liam said a beautiful smile. Zayn said a great personality. Harry said pretty eyes. Niall said an appetite like his. We all were cracking up. I said a sweet personality and automatically looked at Louis. He smiled. He was last and I was so nervous what he was gonna say! He said that he wants a girl that doesn't date him because he is in a popular band, he wanted a girl that loved him for himself! Awh, he looked so sweet. Olivia looked at me and we automatically knew what was going through each others mind. We knew that both of our favorites listed something they thought we had. I couldn't do anything but smile.

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