My Wish

Olivia and Whitney aren't even close to being rich in fact, they got tickets on the highest level at a One Direction concert. When they get there 2 hours early and sing and dance to One Direction songs, something they only could dream and wish about happens right before their eyes!


3. *Whitney's Part*

I COULD NOT BELIEVE WE WERE GOING TO MEET ONE DIRECTION AT THE STEPS! I WAS SO EXCITED I WAS TRYING SO HARD NOT TO FREAK OUT BECAUSE THEY WERE OUR HEROS AFTER ALL. I tried to be calm after Olivia told me that she read online that they didn't like overly attached fan girls. So I took a couple deep breaths and then we started walking down the 4 flights of steps. When we reached the last flight, I froze as I saw 5 beautiful British boys standing at the end. I looked over at Olivia and she was also frozen. I can't believe we were 10 feet away from the boys!!
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