My Wish

Olivia and Whitney aren't even close to being rich in fact, they got tickets on the highest level at a One Direction concert. When they get there 2 hours early and sing and dance to One Direction songs, something they only could dream and wish about happens right before their eyes!


18. *Olivia's Part*

Before we left, Niall pulled me into his room. Since all this had happened, I hadn't really talked to Niall, so I wondered what this was about. He closed the door. "Hey Niall. What's up?" I smiled and tried to not look so worried. He said, "Olivia, Liam's birthday is coming up and I want to invite you and Whitney to a big birthday party we are having for him.  We are inviting alot of celebirties and the rest of the guys need help with decorations and stuff. Will you please help us?" "Of course Niall! I would love to! Thank you for including me!" I hugged him and we smiled at each other. He said that closer to time he would text me details about it and we could meet up when Liam wasn't around. After all that, Whitney knew something was up. So, in the car I texted her what was happening. Louis drove, Whitney was in the front seat. I was in the middle of Harry and Liam. And Zayn and Niall sat in the back. She decided that she was gonna help too. I couldn't believe that Niall had actually thought about me! I was so happy that I got to help the boys with Liam's birthday party!

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