My Wish

Olivia and Whitney aren't even close to being rich in fact, they got tickets on the highest level at a One Direction concert. When they get there 2 hours early and sing and dance to One Direction songs, something they only could dream and wish about happens right before their eyes!


10. *Olivia's Part*

Olivia's part, part 10:

Best. Night. Of. My. Life. And it's not even over! It was 8:20 and the boys had to start getting ready because they went on at 8:35. Liam and Louis offered to take Whitney and I to our front row seats. Of course, we said yes. Liam and I walked by each other and Louis and Whitney walked by each other. When we got to our seats, Louis gave Whitney a hug and kissed her on the forehead. (I could tell the look on her face that she was so excited inside!) Liam also gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek. (Whitney knew that I was thinking the same thing she was when Louis kissed her.) I heard Louis say to Whitney, "I hope you enjoy the show, love. After the show, you stay in your seat and Liam and I will come get Olivia and you." She smiled and said, "You better do good for me!" He winked at her and said he would. Liam was standing close to me and I looked up at his gorgeous brown eyes. (Oh my gosh they are perfectness!) "I hope you enjoy the show, beautiful." I smiled and said that I knew I would. He kissed me on the cheek and Louis said, "Good god man! Don't you think thats enough!?" We all four laughed at that. Liam and Louis said goodbye. I looked over at my best friend. We hadn't had a one on one talk since we were dancing and singing at our seats and now we had been kissed and called the sweetest names by our fake husbands. She said, "I can not believe what all has happened to us in the past hours!" "I know! It's so crazy! It feels like a dream!" She agreed and the next thing I knew, the lights were turned off and everyone was screaming! It was crazy! Then I closed my eyes and there they were! The 5 British boys that Whitney and I had always talked, dreamed, spent time on Twitter and Instagram and don't forget Google for information about our idols. They sang "What Makes You Beautiful" first. Liam and Louis looked at us about the whole time. It was so sweet. Then they sang "One Thing" which is Whitney's favorite song by them. Louis knew that because he asked her that earlier while we were all hanging out. She was smiling throughout the whole song. But the best part was that before the song started, Louis actually said, "Before we sing the next song, I just wanna let this beautiful girl that I met before the concert know that this song is for her!" All the boys looked at Whitney and she was blushing through the whole song. Then the next song was "Up All Night" which was my favorite. Liam knew that also. So before the song he said, "This song also goes to an amazing girl that I met today before the concert. Her name is Olivia." One Direction just called out me and my best friend in front of THOUSANDS of people! Again, the boys looked at me the whole time and I couldn't help but blush just like Whitney did.

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