My Wish

Olivia and Whitney aren't even close to being rich in fact, they got tickets on the highest level at a One Direction concert. When they get there 2 hours early and sing and dance to One Direction songs, something they only could dream and wish about happens right before their eyes!


8. *Olivia's Part*

Olivia's part, part 8:
Here I am standing with my fake husband that had been fake married to me since May 1st. He asked me if I was single and guessing he was like most guys that had asked me that question, he must be asking for a reason. That made me happy. I said yes and that I hadn't had a long relationship in a while due to my last relationship. He looked a little more happier after I said I was single. He said that he was still upset about him and Danielle's break up but he was trying to move on. I respect that. A guy that doesn't automatically go into another relationship right after a break up. We were walking down the steps when he stopped and just stood there. "What's wrong?" I asked. He said, "I'm just shocked that I am standing here with such a beautiful girl." After he said that I couldn't do anything but smile and hug him. He hugged back. This was perfect. We stood there, hugging for a couple minutes. My ringtone ruined the special moment. I checked my phone and it was Whitney. I told Liam I was sorry and I walked away and answered it. She said that we needed to hurry because it was 6:40. I told Liam and then we started running as fast as we could through the crowd so nobody would know it was him. Luckily nobody paid attention and we got through the crowd okay. It was 6:45 when we got backstage and I saw all the boys dressed in their cute outfits. Liam got dressed and fixed his hair. (which looked absolutely perfect) It turns out that instead of them going on at 6:50 the openers came on at 6:50, which was good because we all got to hang out. We sat there together. Me and Liam, Whitney and Louis, Zayn, Niall and Harry.

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