My Wish

Olivia and Whitney aren't even close to being rich in fact, they got tickets on the highest level at a One Direction concert. When they get there 2 hours early and sing and dance to One Direction songs, something they only could dream and wish about happens right before their eyes!


6. *Olivia's Part*

Olivia's part, part 6:
Here I am with my best friend and my idols. This is officially the best day of my life. Me and Whitney talked to them like we were always best friends. Not only were we strangers to each other, but the weird part is the fact that I have stalked them on Twitter and begged for a follow or anything and not gotten it but now I'm here with the boys themselves. Should I ask them about twitter? Before even thinking about what I said I blurted out, "Can you guys all do me a favor?" They all looked at each other and in their cute accent, they said "Sure, love! What do you need?" I looked at Whitney who was on her iPod, probably trying to look like she was not as excited but I knew she was, just like I was. "I would die if you guys would all follow me on twitter! I'm pretty fangirly by the way so I'm trying to not be like that because I read online you guys don't like that." They all started laughing. I was kinda confused. What were they laughing at? Then Niall spoke up, "We honestly don't care if our fans are fangirly. Actually I wanna date a fangirly type of girl." Then Liam said, "And yes love, we will follow you on Twitter. Just type in your username." He handed me his phone. OMG HOW CAN I NOT FANGIRL? I am holding Liam Payne's phone! I typed in my username and handed it back. The next thing I knew, they all handed me their phones. I did the same thing on all of their phones. Louis asked, "Whitney, do you have a twitter, love?" Whitney smiled. "Actually I don't but I have an Instagram so would you guys take a picture with us and I will tag you so you can get my username?" "Sure thing, beautiful." Louis was starting to get used to Whitney and I was so happy for her. She hadn't dated anyone and she was 16 years old! She said that she only wanted Louis. I told her that we weren't gonna ever meet them and so she needed to move on. She paid no attention to me but, that was the right thing to do. I was wrong. We did meet them and Louis was starting to act like he liked Whitney.

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