Moment 4 life

Whitney and Olivia were always best friends growing up in school and they haven't ever been in a what you would say a "Serious Relationship" But that might change when they move into their very own apartment and 5 Gorgeous British boys show up at their door.


13. why just why?

Harry's POV: Whitney and Niall came from the kitchen and I sent her glares why would she say she wasn't gonna date me because she was dating Louis but then she goes and flirts with Niall? did she lie to me? I had to find out. They came in and she sat down by Louis I should have figured that. Niall came and sat by me why would he sit by me? I am mad at him right now. I got up and left the room cause I did not want to sit by Niall. just seeing him right now made me furious.

Olivia's POV:  When Niall and Whitney came in Harry kept sending her death glares I wonder what thats all about. Niall sat down beside Harry and he got up and left while slamming his bedroom door. what a bad mood betty he was being today. We all looked at each other all confused but after awhile we decided to go out and get something to eat. Whitney decided she would go ask him if he wanted to go with us.

Whitney's POV: I decided I would go in Harry's room and ask him if he wanted to go with us. I walked in and Harry was sitting on his bed reading a magazine. When I walked in he looked up at me and looked back down into his magazine with a mad expression on his face. "Harry do you wanna go...." "Just shut up" "What did you just say to me?" "I said for you to shut up." "Why are you in such a bad mood?" "CAUSE MAYBE YOU LIED TO ME ABOUT NOT WANTING TO DATE ME BECAUSE YOU LOVE HIM AND DIDNT WANNA DATE ANYONE ELSE" "I didn't lie Harry." "OH YEAH WELL THEN WHY DO YOU FLIRT WITH NIALL HUH?" "HARRY, SHUT UP I DO NOT LIKE NIALL HE IS MY BEST FRIEND!" "WHATEVER YOU LITTLE LYING BITCH." "DID YOU JUST CALL ME A BITCH?" "UH YEAH I THINK I DID!" "SAYS THE PERSON THAT IS A JERK ALL THE TIME AND IS A JEALOUS LITTLE FREAK." "ATLEAST I DONT LIE." "I DON'T LIE EITHER YOU JUST ARE TOO STUPID TO REALIZE THAT ME AND NIALL ARE BEST FRIENDS." "I KNOW YOU DON'T LOVE LOUIS. " "YES I DO WITH ALL MY HEART THANK YOU." "NO YOU DON'T IN FACT YOU HATE HIM." "WHATEVER HARRY, I KNOW THE TRUTH I HAVE LOST ALL OF MY RESPECT FOR YOU AND ALWAYS WILL." and with that I slammed his door shut. when I came out everyone looked at me and asked what happened cause they heard screaming. "Nothing." i said "Just forget about it." Louis looked at me and I gave him the "ill tell you later" look. we left and went to eat at Nando's. When we got home Liam and Olivia went downstairs. Zayn and Niall stayed in the living room watching Home Alone 2 and Me and Louis went into our room and talked about mine and Harry;s fight. "Just forget about him Whitney, he's a jerk." "I know" and with that we went downstairs and hung out with Liam and Olivia. It was a good night everyone seemed to be happy. Well except Harry of couse


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