Moment 4 life

Whitney and Olivia were always best friends growing up in school and they haven't ever been in a what you would say a "Serious Relationship" But that might change when they move into their very own apartment and 5 Gorgeous British boys show up at their door.


1. The Big Move

Whitney's POV: Omg! i'm so exited I can't believe that in just a few hours me and my best friend will be sharing our very own apartment. We don't have much money but our parent's helped us with the money because we are so crazy they just wanted us out of the house. It had 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. I had been looking forward to this day for months and now it is finally the day!

Olivia's POV: "Yes mom I have everything packed and ready." Shew my mom has been driving me crazy this past week about having everything packed for the new apartment. I am really exited to be moving and getting to spend more time with Whitney. We haven't got to see each other as much the past couple of days because we have been packing and have had a lot of school work so I am really exited to see her today. I finally think I have got everything ready and I'm ready to head to the apartment.

Whitney's POV: I'm finally done with packing and on my way to the apartment. When I got there Olivia had just shown up and I ran up to her and gave her a big hug. I have missed my best friend so much I felt good to  see her again. We got everything unpacked and situated and was ready to go get something to eat when our doorbell rang. Me and Olivia went to answer it and who was standing there right outside our door made me and Olivia freeze.

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