Moment 4 life

Whitney and Olivia were always best friends growing up in school and they haven't ever been in a what you would say a "Serious Relationship" But that might change when they move into their very own apartment and 5 Gorgeous British boys show up at their door.


6. Talking, Drama and Chilling

Whitney's POV: "WHAT? that little cheater, wait when did he tell you that was it before or after he wanted to talk to me?" I said "It was before."  "that little cheater when you told him that you were dating Liam he came to me to see if he could get me and the funny thing was he told me that I was the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen and I have never liked a girl as much as I do you and you are the sweetest and nicest girl I have ever met." I said "hahahahaha Well That's exactly what he told me to Whitney. What a player." she said Wow I can't believe that Harry the one that everyone trusted would do such a thing but I can kinda see how he would I said to myself

Olivia's POV: What a trader and I thought Harry was gonna be the one that me and him were gonna be really close friends but I guess things always don't come true. "Hey Olivia your phones ringing." "Ok It's probably Liam." and it was and while I was talking to Liam Whitney was talking to Louis and they said their photoshoot so were would we meet up at and we decided at their place and they said we could spend the night if we wanted too. so we agreed and we were on our way to their house. When we got their me and Whitney sent Harry death glares and he just stared at us with a confused look so we asked to talk to him outside and he agreed and right when we got out their Whitney said "YOU JERK!" "What's wrong with you guys?" Harry said "You Know what you did Harry me and Whitney know all about it and I thought me and you were gonna be best friends but apparently not." "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT." Harry said raising his voice. " Were talking about How you asked Olivia out and you said that she was the most Gorgeous,Sweet, Kind and nice girl you've ever met and she told you no because she was dating Liam and you got mad so them you asked me and said that I was the most Gorgeous,Sweet,Kind and nice girl you've ever met and I told you now cause I was dating Louis. You told us the exact same thing because when Olivia said no and you didn't get your way so you went and asked me and you said the exact same thing to me like the conversation between you and Olivia never happend." "Well sorry." He said "Sorry doesn't cut it." and with that we both stormed inside 


Hey guys, Just to let you know I have Nothing against Harry I just wanted to make a plot twist trust me it will turn out better I promise we won't hate on Harry for the rest of the story- Thanks guys for reading my book I  appreciate it (: - Whitneyyy Tomlinssooonnnnn



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