Moment 4 life

Whitney and Olivia were always best friends growing up in school and they haven't ever been in a what you would say a "Serious Relationship" But that might change when they move into their very own apartment and 5 Gorgeous British boys show up at their door.


10. Sorry But We Don't Forgive You Right Now

Whitney's POV: When I woke up the next morning I saw that Louis, Liam and Olivia were still sleeping. So I decided to make breakfast but I didn't wanna wake Louis so I was being as quiet as I could and when I was almost out of the room I felt to hands grab me behind the waist. I turned around and saw Louis' eyes. "What were you going to do Missy?" he asked me "Well I was gonna make breakfast for you guys before you woke up but you ruined it." "Hey hey hey, I could go back to bed and then you can wake me up when it's done." "Get over her WE are gonna make breakfast."

Louis' POV: While we were making breakfast we got a little carried away and we had a food fight. I started throwing flour at her and she threw pancake batter at me. It was a dual I ended up winning cause she got ran out of pancake batter because she had used it all on the pancakes. When we got done cooking it looked delicious! they're was Pancakes, Bacon, French Toast, Eggs(Scrambled and Fried), Blueberry Muffins, and Fresh Strawberry's and Grapes! We had to wake Liam and Olivia up so we put a bull horn in their ears and they woke up real fast! We sat down to eat and it was simply delicious! Me and Whitney make good cooks! After and hour or so everyone was done eating(only because we had ate so much we were about to pop) After breakfast we called up the rest of the boys and decided that all of us would meet up at Niall's apartment and then we would decide what we wanted to do today, So Me,Liam,Whitney and Olivia all went to get dressed to go to Niall's.

Olivia's POV: Me and Whitney headed upstairs to get ready. Whitney decided to Scrunch her hair and I decided to curl mine. The outfit I picked out was my sparkly silver toms, My Blue sweater that has a big  Purple Owl on it and my Black leggings. Whitney wore her Sparkly black Toms, Her Lime Green Sweater with a Giraffe on it and Her Gray leggings. I had to admit We looked better than we had ever before. After we put on our makeup we headed downstairs. Liam was wearing his plaid (Looking adorable as ever) and Louis was wearing his Suspenders(I could tell by the way Whitney was looking at him that she thought that he looked really good!) "You guys look great" Louis and Liam said to us "You guys don't look so bad either." Me and Whitney said. Soon after we left for Niall's.

Whitney's POV: When we got to Niall's everyone else was there. Me and Louis came up with a plan. Our plan was to walk in holding hands to make Harry jealous so that's what we did we walked right in Niall's apartment hand in hand. Harry's eyes burned of jealousy when we walked in, Me and Louis just laughed I mean you gotta admit it was kinda funny. We sat down on the love seat. We all were pitching in idea's for what we should do "Lets go to the Park." suggested Liam "Let's go to the carnival" Louis suggested "Let's Go to the Movies." Suggested Zayn. Soon after we decided first we would go to the Carnival then to the park then to the movies and then out to eat. Before we left Harry pulled me and Louis outside cause he said he wanted to "Talk." Me and Louis looked at each other confused like but we agreed of course we walked out hand in hand(I thought it was kinda funny) When we got out there Harry said to us "Guys, I'm sorry I put you guys in so much pain and trouble Will you guys forgive me?" I couldn't believe what came out of Harry's mouth. Me and Louis looked at each other and we both knew what to say. "Harry, I'm sorry but we are not gonna forgive you right now." I said "Yeah Bud, You hurt us so much, We can't forgive you right now." Louis said "Are you serious? I happened 3 weeks ago! How are you guys not over it yet? It wasn't that bad!" Harry said. Now I was mad and so was Louis when he said that smart remark. "Harry, Cut the crap. Quit acting like it wasn't that big of a deal! You aren't me and you aren't Louis ok? You have no idea how much you hurt us. We aren't forgiving you right now and if you keep acting like this about it then we are NEVER going to forgive you." I said and with that Me and Louis headed back inside leaving Harry alone Outside. 

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