Moment 4 life

Whitney and Olivia were always best friends growing up in school and they haven't ever been in a what you would say a "Serious Relationship" But that might change when they move into their very own apartment and 5 Gorgeous British boys show up at their door.


4. Pay Back Time

Liam's POV: Hahaha I knew he liked Whitney I could see it in his eyes when he first met her. Now it was Whitney's turn I wondered what she would ask and who. "Olivia is it true that you like Liam?" Whitney said Oh god I hoped she would say yes cause I liked her. I could see Olivia blush and she started to answer "Um, Um, Um, Yes, I do." I started to blush and so did she "OOOOHHHH LOOKS LIKEE LIAM AND LOUIS HAVE CRUSHES!" Zayn said. 

Whitney's POV: I saw Liam whisper something into Olivia's ear and she smiled she then said to me "Whitney could I talk to you outside for a second?." I said sure and then she said "Was that your plan?" "What do you me was that my plan.?" "Was it your plan for me to say that and him to tell me he liked me too?" "Yeah, I figured if my guy told me that he liked me then yours should too."

__________________________________________________________________________________Sorry guys this isn't a long chapter I am going through Writers Block I'll try and post tonight because I won't be able to post all day tommorow because I'm leaving Florida tomorrow and going back home :(

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