Moment 4 life

Whitney and Olivia were always best friends growing up in school and they haven't ever been in a what you would say a "Serious Relationship" But that might change when they move into their very own apartment and 5 Gorgeous British boys show up at their door.


2. Meeting them

Olivia's POV: I could not believe what I am seeing. One Direction is outside our door! Me and Whitney had always been HUGE One Direction fan's but we couldn't ever afford tickets to our concert but now they're at our house! I would have never thought that One Direction would be at our house.

Whitney's POV: Me and Olivia were froze solid. I couldn't believe that One Direction was at our house! 

Liam's POV: "Excuse me Ladies but our car has broke down might we stay here for a while and use your phone and call our manager?"

Olivia's POV: "Sure, Um we don't have a house phone yet because we just moved in today but you guys can use our cellphones if you want."

Liam's POV: " Okay thank you guys so much." I couldn't believe how gorgeous this girl is blonde hair, Bright blue eyes, she was absolutely gorgeous. 

Whitney's POV: My favorite of the band was Louis with his beautiful ocean blue eyes and his cute suspenders he was just absolutely stunning. He used to have a girlfriend named Eleanor but they broke up about a month ago. I wondered if he thought of me the same way?

Louis' POV: Their was this one absolutely gorgeous girl she had medium straight brown hair, with blue green eyes she was stunning I'm really anxious to talk to her.



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