Moment 4 life

Whitney and Olivia were always best friends growing up in school and they haven't ever been in a what you would say a "Serious Relationship" But that might change when they move into their very own apartment and 5 Gorgeous British boys show up at their door.


9. Everything get's better in time

Louis' POV: It felt like we just smiled and stared at each other for what it seemed like forever! But I ended up breaking our smiles and stares because it was really late and I was tired but I didn't know if she was gonna sleep in the living room with me or what so I blurted out "Um sorry to be rude but I was wondering...welll ummm... I'm sleeping in here tonight and If you wanna you can sleep in here too...... or I guess you can go down stairs where Liam and Olivia are but you will be by yourself because they are sleeping in here too.... it's whatever as long as your comfortable." cause you know I didn't really wanna be rude and be like hey Whitney you have to sleep in here with me. she then said to me "Well, I guess i'll sleep in here I mean why would I sleep downstairs when the guy I love is upstairs." 

Olivia's POV: I was getting exhausted but Liam just kept wanting to watch movies we had done watched 7! It's 4:30 i'm tired but I didn't wanna be rude but I had to tell him I just couldn't hold my eyes open anymore so I said "Liam honey, I'm tired can we go to bed? We have done watched 7 movies." "Sure love, I just kept watching movies cause I didn't know if you were tired or not."  I love how sweet he is to me. So, we got ready for bed he gave me some of his clothes to sleep while I changed he fixed the other couch. I tied my hair into a messy bun Because right now I was so tired I really didn't care what I looked like. When I got back into the living room I saw Louis and Whitney were already asleep and he had his arm around her and they just looked so cute together I'm so glad they made up. "Awww look at the cute couple." I whispered to Liam "Yeah look at them, I'm so glad that they made up! But that Harry, I don't know about him, We better keep an eye on him now, even though I told him to leave them alone and don't bother them cause their happy together, I have a feeling he won't hold to that if we don't watch him." Liam whispered to me "Yeah I know I don't trust him right now, I don't really think no one does, Poor guy he probably feels like crap because he caused all this and now nobody trust's him and I don't think him and Louis will ever be as close as they used to be." "Yeah but he does deserve it, I mean he did cause all this just because he didn't get his way and he couldn't deal with that because he wanted Whitney to be his not Louis but she wouldn't change her mind and he just couldn't sleep at night knowing that Whitney wasn't his and He could have just let them be and just left them alone but he couldn't do that." Liam whispered to me and with that we both drifted off into a deep sleep.

Louis POV: I was almost asleep when I heard Olivia and Liam start to talk about Me,Whitney and Harry and so I just listened in. They were on mine and Whitney's side i'm pretty sure because I know Olivia doesn't appreciate Harry being mean and rude to her best friend and I know Liam was not happy with what Harry done to us because I could tell on how he reacted when I told him what had happened and he was mad, Very Mad! he yelled and yelled and yelled at Harry and I could tell too on how he told Olivia why he deserved being not trusted by anyone anymore. I was just glad Me and Whitney were back together and Happy as ever!


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