Moment 4 life

Whitney and Olivia were always best friends growing up in school and they haven't ever been in a what you would say a "Serious Relationship" But that might change when they move into their very own apartment and 5 Gorgeous British boys show up at their door.


7. A very awkward day

A/N: hey guys, sorry I haven't updated in a week I have had a very busy week. Forgive Me? well lets get on to the story.

Louis' POV: It was getting really boring just sitting around the house all day so I figured why not go to me and the boys favorite place. so I yelled out "AMUSEMENT PARK TIME!." Whitney and Olivia looked at me with that huh? look on their faces and all the boys shouted "YEAH AMUSEMENT PARK TIME!" and I told the girls to girls to go get dressed.

Whitney's POV: So apparently we are going to the amusement park so Louis sent me and Olivia up to get dressed I decided to wear my pink vans, white jeans and my pink,black and white Pocket Block tee. and Olivia decided to wear her red vans, navy blue jeans and her red Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan. I Straightened my medium Dark Brown hair and Olivia Curled her long Blonde hair we put on some mascara,foundation and some eye shadow and when we were ready we walked down stairs and all the boys were dressed and ready to go. while we were on the way to the car Louis whispered to me "You look Stunning Whitney,Just like you always do. and then I overheard Liam whisper to Olivia "You look gorgeous girl Just like you always do. and when we got to the car and Louis went and opened the passenger's side door for me and then he got into the driver's seat then Liam opened Olivia's door in the back seat and then he sat in the middle beside her then Niall sat beside him and in the very back was Zayn and Harry. While we were on the way there they boys started singing "I Want." and their voices were absolutely amazing and then finally we got there and when we pulled up to the amusement park I was shocked it was so huge I was so used to going to a small place but this place... I just knew we were gonna have so much fun!

Harry's POV: I just couldn't take my eyes off of Whitney and Olivia they were absolutely gorgeous. I just had to get one of them to be my girlfriend so I had to decide which one I wanted I think I'll go with Whitney she is more my type. Niall suggested we go on the log ride. so we went on that it was 2 people per cart and I got in line right beside Whitney so I could ride with her and Louis was in front and it was gonna work out so that Niall and Louis were gonna ride together, Me and Whitney were gonna get to ride together and I was happy about that (: , Liam and Olivia were gonna get to ride together and Zayn was gonna have to ride by his self My plan worked until Niall had to butt in and said "Hey Louis switch places with Harry so you can ride with your girl." shoot why does he have to ruin everything "Yeah Harry switch places with me." Louis said "No it's fine I can ride with Whitney." "Dude, Let me be with my girl." "Fine." and I switched places with Niall and I kinda pouted a bit . I saw Louis and Whitney go down and she was about to get water all over her and Louis tried to protect her and they both got soaked and They both started laughing I turned red with jealousy. It was like that for the rest of the day and I got jealous a lot finally we went to Nando's to eat and then we went home. it was late so we all decided to go to bed Louis got his the couch ready for him and Whitney and Liam got the other couch ready for him and Olivia. their rooms were messy so they didn't wanna make a bad impression so they decided for them to sleep on the couches. Whitney and Olivia got dressed for bed and came and told us all goodnight when Olivia left to go brush her teeth Whitney came in and told me goodnight and I said "Night my baby." I can't believe I just said that. Whitney looked at me and said " Harry stop it you need to freaking get over me NOW! You said you would stop so Hold to that I love Louis not you so leave me alone you got that?" and she slammed my door I heard her talk to someone and then Louis came into my room and he looked angry. I knew this wasn't gonna be good. 

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