Heart Break Hotel

I wasn't perfect nor popular. I wasn't a geek or a loner, my life was just complicated. Ever since kindergarden I've been teased because of my imperfections. I was flawed in almost every way but now.. The tables have turned, my friend. Mum married a plastic surgeon, and I'm finally, beautiful. There's just one last thing I need to complete my transformation- Popularity. An ultimatum is made, I get everything I wanted if I get our schools 5 biggest players to fall in love with me and then brake their hearts one-by-one after a steamy night with each of them at the famous 'Langham Hotel.'


3. You Love Me, I Love You.

                                          Tess's POV:

"Niall!" I Whinned, I'm a honor student, I can't get a low score.. Because of him. "You're doing it wrong!"

Calm down, Tess.. Calm down.. "You do it then." He looked at me like I was crazy.

"I will." I smiled. He took off his plastic gloves and sat back in his seat. Who knew being lab partners with him could be so hard? Maybe I should have worked with Cassandra instead.

"Shine Bright like a diamond." My troubled best friend sang repeatedly. Dear lord, please help her. Ever since Cassandra's 13th birthday, she began to drink. Not soda, wine, or beer. She only drinks liquor. Everyone has at one point of time tried to help her, but her addiction iis just too strong.

She's always drunk.

You get used to it, but knowing you can't do a thing to help her makes you feel-like a bad friend. I see her as a sister so that makes me feel even worse.

"What's with your friend?" Niall asked.

I shook my head and laughed. "Like you don't already know.."


"Just stop." I sighed, "All my life you and your group of 'friends' have made my life living hell."

"I'm sorry." He apoligized.

"Imagine how Cassandra feels. Put yourself in our shoes." I added the strange liquid into a glass beaker.


"What did I ever do wrong?" I questioned.


"Then why were they always messing with ME. Why were YOU messing with ME?" I finished took off my safety equiptment and cleaned up.

"We thought you were an easy target at the time-"

"Easy? Hah. I was a fat, insecure, little Asian whore." I started, "That's how everyone thought of me."

"Fuck it all. That was a thing of the past."

"Pfft." I looked at my freshly painted pink nails, "Why do you care?"

"Cassandra said you liked me..."


"I kind of feel the same way." he stammered.

"Awesome." I replied hesitantly.

Day one- complete. Six more days to go...

Wish me luck!


Any ideas? Comments? Anything?

Thanks for reading!



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