Heart Break Hotel

I wasn't perfect nor popular. I wasn't a geek or a loner, my life was just complicated. Ever since kindergarden I've been teased because of my imperfections. I was flawed in almost every way but now.. The tables have turned, my friend. Mum married a plastic surgeon, and I'm finally, beautiful. There's just one last thing I need to complete my transformation- Popularity. An ultimatum is made, I get everything I wanted if I get our schools 5 biggest players to fall in love with me and then brake their hearts one-by-one after a steamy night with each of them at the famous 'Langham Hotel.'


2. Tess Loves Niall

"Now's my chance." I thought out loud. Niall was sitting in the desk right in front of mine. I extended my arm to tap him on the shoulder.

"Babes! He's sitting right there!" Cassandra staggered into the class. "Nialler! She loves you!"

Are you serious right now? It's only 12:00 pm and she's already tipsy, at SCHOOL. 'Nialler! She loves you!' She might as well tell him about the ultimatum.

Niall turned to face me, "Trina Vue?"

"Close." I coughed, "It's Tess Vang."

"Tess Vang? So you're that weird girl who-" he questioned before I interrupted him.

"I'd rather not talk about it." My voice became weak.

"..... Yeah....... I'm sorry, well we all are ." He apologized. I looked down and gulped. He knows I 'like him' so I should probably make my move now.

"It's okay. Aha. What doesn't kill you makes you... Stronger?" I blushed. I twirled my light brown hair around my finger.

He smiled and faced the teacher who was writing down something on the chalkboard. Even though we were in the back I could see perfectly. Oh the perks of having 20-20 vision.

"Alright students." Mrs. Romanov started, her strong Russian accent was somewhat hard to understand. "Partner up. We don't have enough supplies for everybody so find someone you can work well with."

"Contessa!" Cass shouted Oh hell no. She skipped over to my desk. "Work with me!"

"Cass... Partner up with Chris." I whispered.

"He's a total horndog though." She sighed, stomping her foot.

".. Honey, you're drunk." I implied, "And.. Um- I have a partner already. Right, Niall?"

"Huh?" He looked confused. I sent him a look that said 'Play along' and he did.

"Yeah. We're working together."

"Aww. Tessy, if you need some 'encouragement' I have a bottle of Whisky in my locker." She giggled, before walking away.

"Okay. What happens next?" I asked Niall.


He was actually cute.

Blonde hair, blue eyes.

He has a smile that makes my heart melt.

This might be fun.

Popularity, here I come.

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