Accidental Love

Faith, Ashley, and Emily have always dreamed of meeting One Direction........ will love triangles form? Find out!


3. School, Crushes, Drama

Emily's POV:

              I entered my LAL class and this is my favorite period because my and Declan Riely sit on the table. We are so close of friends and we make so many jokes and today was perfect because we had a sub. We live in New Jersey so we decided to talk in British accent so we could confuse her.  "So where did you guys come from?" She asked. "Um.. DONCASTER! Declan and I are brother and sister but not really, we were adopted from the same orphanage in Britain and then they took us here." I lied. Declan nodded in agreement. I would always ask for crumpets and tea in the middle in class, and I ended up getting detention with my 'bother.' 

It was dismissal and we all waited in our classroom for the buses to be called. And my crush Nick is in my class. "Em, you want to walk down to the buses with me?" He asked. "Can't got detention," I said, putting my head down. "Hold on," He said and walked over to the fire alarm and pulled it. "DETENTION!" Mr. Hingleberg yelled. "Now, I do to." He said smiling. I smiled and he reached out my hand for me to hold. We ran up to detention, holding hands, giggle, running side by side, until we got to the principle...

"The rules are simple, no talking, tapping  or any noise making. Cameras are watching. One sound, you get detention tomorrow." And she waled out of the room. Declan and I looked at each other and nodded. We have gotten detention together before and we always text each other while we are there. We were texting about how much I loved One Direction and how much I was obsessed and he kept laughing. Suddenly  Nick started to text me.

From:Nick<3 sh!- Hey! So you and Declan a 'thing' now?

To: Nick- Hey and no, hes dating Miranda member? Plus, hes 2 short 4 me lol

From Nick<3 sh!- lol good

To: Nick- y good? ;)

From: Nick<3 sh!- Um..... no reason XD Hey you remember Cody?

To: Nick- How could I 4get? Me and him were meant to be! He was my best friend and member when me you and him use to have sleepovrs? lol I still can't believe he left without sayin good bye. I miss him :(

From- Nick<3 sh!- same wish we knew where he was

To : Nick- Ikr kills me that hes not here.

From: Nick<3 sh!- same. I have a song for you, the song reminds me of me and you.

To: Nick- and what song is that?

From: Nick<3 sh!- it goes like this- let me tell you a story about a girl and a boy, he fell in love with his best friend when she's around he feels nothing but joy. But she was already broken, and it made her blind cuz she could never believe that love would ever treat her right. Did you know that I love you, or were you not aware? you're the smile on my face and that ain't going no where I'm here to make you happy, I'm here to see you smile and I've been wanted to tell you this for a long while - and then it goes to the chorus.

To: Nick- you really feel that way about me?

From: Nick<3 Sh!- yup, do you feel the same?

To Nick- actually, for the longest time

From: Nick<3 sh!- really? me 2! ur name on my phone is emily<34everandalways.

To: Nick<3 sh! aww! that's so sweet! Your name on my phone is nick<3 sh! lol

From: Nick<3 sh!- aww!! i would ask you out, but I would like to do it in somewhere other than detention lol

To: Nick- aww! lol im probably smiling like a dumbass right now!!

And our conversation kept going on util detention was over. It was in the middle of December so when we got out side, Nick offered me his coat. "Thank you sir." I said, curtsying. "No worries, miss." He said bowing. We both cracked up laughing. We went our separate ways and I ran home and went on my computer to check my email. I almost died when I read the first email- CONGRATS  YOU WON 3 TICKETS TO MADISON SQUARE GARDEN TO SEE ONE DIRECTION!

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