Accidental Love

Faith, Ashley, and Emily have always dreamed of meeting One Direction........ will love triangles form? Find out!


11. Hanging Out

Faith's POV:

Do you ever have that feeling in your stomach like there are millions of butterfly's flying around? And that feeling of your cheeks burning and thinking, 'My cheeks are probably as red as roses right now'? And that feeling in your chest that makes you all embarrassed  Well, then you can relate to me right now. Cause Emily is going into super annoying Emily mode. Don't get me wrong, I love her, she's my best friend, but some times...... "So Harry, when did you realize your burning passion for Faith?" She asked, taking a bite out of her pizza. We were at a pizza place and sitting in a large booth. Zayn was on the outside, then Liam, then Emily, then Louis, then Niall, then Ashley, then Me, then Harry. Harry blushed and so did I. "Look Em, we got them to blush!" Louis exclaimed and they high-fived. "You guys are gay!" I yelled at them. When I call people gay, I mean mean or stupid. Everyone laughed except for Emily who pretended to look hurt. "Well then." She said, her hand on her chest while she flipped her head and hair to the side. She leaned on Louis's shoulder and began to fake cry. "It's okay babe, I'll take you out for ice cream and kick that mean girl's ass." Louis promised, rubbing her back. We all broke out in laughter and went into little group conversations.  Niall and Ashley were obviously flirting with each other and Zayn and Louis were talking about their girlfriends and how they relater to cars....just don't even ask. Liam, Emily, Harry and I started talking. "So Harry, when did you realize your love for Faith?" Liam asked smirking. Emily high fived Liam and then stared at Harry for his response. "When I first layed my eyes on her," He said, kissing my hand. We all laughed and ate our slices of pizza. "So how long have you loved Emily, Liam?" I asked, smirking. He almost chocked on his pizza and Emily was blushing like crazy. "When I first saw her in the car." He admitted. "Awwww Li Li is in lovee!" Harry taunted. "You guys suck balls." Emily says and eats the crust of her pizza. Yes, we are an odd bunch.

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