Accidental Love

Faith, Ashley, and Emily have always dreamed of meeting One Direction........ will love triangles form? Find out!


6. FAITH!!!

Faith's POV:

When she said she didn't know who to pick, I knew it was going to be me. you see, a while back when we first entered the contest, we made a promise that if I won, I would take her, and if she won, that she would take me. 

A couple days after the contest winning, Emily can up to me and Ashley and said she had made a decision. "I have chosen Faith because Ash, your richer than the both of us combined so you can afford a ticket, unlike me and Faith." Emily explained. That wasn't a lie. She was richer than us, so good excuse Emily  you get an A+ for that! Then, I realized something, I'M GOING TO MEET MY HUBBY! HARRY FUCKING STYLES! AND EMILY WAS GOING TO MEET HERS! NIALL FUCKING HORAN! AND ASHLEY COULD COME AND MEET JOSH FUCKING DEVINE!!!!!! "HOLY SHIT I'M MEETING MY HUBBY!" I exclaimed. "MEEEEEE TOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Emily exclaimed. Ashley still looked happy, even though she didn't get picked to come. She knew her parents would buy her tickets anyway. Suddenly, Emily started singing, "Hey girl I'm waiting on ya, been waiting in ya come on and let me sneak you out and have a celebration, a celebration the musics up the windows down," Suddenly, it turned into a singing parade and people form our school circled around us to hear us sing. We were a pretty good band if I do say so myself. BEYOND HOPE IS AWESOME! (look for us on youtube! real band!) We were so excited that we killed ourselfs and died.

haha, my sis wrote that! It's funny so I'm keeping it! ;) :P

The day of the concert of the concert was coming up soon and we had to hurry to find something to wear, and fast....

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