Accidental Love

Faith, Ashley, and Emily have always dreamed of meeting One Direction........ will love triangles form? Find out!


14. Christmas Eve part 1

Faith's POV:

It's been a year since Harry and me have stated dating. Liam and Emily has also been a year and so has Ashley and Niall. Zayn found this new girl named Talia, who we actually went to school with as one of our best friends. You know, the one that sat across from us on the bus? Anyway, Louis is still dating Eleanor, which I'm so glad about because she is mu number one best friend in the whole entire world! Aside from Emily, Ashley, and Talia, of course. Today was Christmas Eve, aka Louis's birthday. And so, even if it is a horrid idea, were letting Louis do what he wants for his birthday. "Let's do love tests!" He exclaimed. He took out his laptop and went onto Love Calculator. "Okay, since Mr. and Mrs. Payne are kissing in the corner over there, how about we do them?" He typed in Emily's name first and then Liam's.(A/N I actually did the love tests and this is what I got :) ) He pressed, "Calculate," and the bar went up all the way to 100! It said, "Till death do part. True love exists between both of you!. "Awww! You guys are perfect!" Louis said in a gay voice, we all laughed. "Now....Harry and Faith!" He typed in my name first and then Harry's. Before he could press calculate, I stopped him and said, "Don't do it! It will come out bad, it always does!" "Too bad." He smirked and pressed the button. It came up as a 45 and it said, "Sparks fly between the both of you. Keep it going!"  "I told you!" I exclaimed, embarrassed about the outcome. "I think that's pretty awesome if you ask me." Harry said, putting his hands on my hips and kissing me. I pulled away from the kiss and asked, "How awesome?" "This awesome,? He told me deepening the kiss. "Guys, please, no PDA on my birthday!" Lou exclaimed. Liam, Emily, Harry and I all laughed and sat down by the computer. "Okay, now for Niall and Ashley." He typed in Ashley's name and then Niall's. He pressed 'Calculate' and the light pick bar made it to 95. It said, "Treasure the love as both of you are made for each other!" "YES!" Ashley announced in victory. "Now for Talia and Zayn!" He typed in their names slowly and then the bar shot up to 100. "Till death do part. True love exists between both of you!. Why is everyone getting higher numbers than me? "Now, Me and El!" He typed in Eleanor's full name and than his. It moved up to 85%. "I see  a pair of lovebirds together. Do not forget to share the love!" It read. "See, everyone got higher numbers than me!" I exclaimed, kind of  pissed. "Faith, chill your pants, it's just  a stupid love test." Emily told me. "What ever." I mumbled. "Okay, time for truth or dare!" Louis screamed. "YES!" Emily yelled. They ran over to the floor and sat next to each other. "Well, come on!" Emily waved at us. We made our way over and I sat on Harry's lap. Emily was on Liam's lap, Ashley was on Niall's lap....while Louis was on Eleanor's lap. I just don't know what goes on in that boy's head. "Um.... Emily, truth or dare?" Louis asked. "Dare." She replied, rubbing her hands together. "Alright, I dare you too.......wear your bikini and run around outside and say to people walking by, '5 bucks to throw a snowball at me!'" Louis told her. "Fine, hold on." She said, laughing and running upstairs. "If any boy stares at her.... I swear I will kill them." Liam said out loud. "Little protective there mate?" Harry asked, putting a hand on his shoulder. He was trying is best not to laugh. "Shut up." Liam muttered. "Okay, I'm ready." Emily said walking down the stairs. She was wearing a purple and green bikini. The colors mixed into each other. Louis wolf whistled. Liam and Eleanor both slapped him in the head which caused us all to laugh. "Ready?" Liam asked. "Ready." Emily confirmed. 

A/N hate to end it here, but I gotta go to school!

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