Accidental Love

Faith, Ashley, and Emily have always dreamed of meeting One Direction........ will love triangles form? Find out!


10. Car Ride part 2

Faith's POV:

I woke up and we decided to play truth or dare. "Okay, before anything starts, I want to say, there are 3 single guys and 3 single girls in this car. So, just day out of the three, which one you think is hottest. Liam, then Harry, then Niall, then Faith, then Emily, then Ashley." Louis said.what the fuck Lou??? I know Harry isn't going to like me and if he says one of my best friends, my dreams are gone. "Emily." Liam said blushing. I looked at Emily and she was major blushing....Liam was her favorite. "Faith, no offense guys." Harry said and I was freaking out! "ASHLEY! AND I"M HUNGRY!" Niall shouted. "Harry." I said quietly  "LIAM!" Emily sang. "Niall and I'm hungry!" Ashley shouted. "Then it's settled  Niall and Ashley, Emily and Liam, and Harry and Faith!" Zayn announced. "NOW MAKE OUT!" Louis yelled. "NO! TRUTH OR DARE!" Emily yelled. "Fine. Faith, truth or dare?" Louis asked. "Dare." I said. "I dare you to kiss Harry for 5 minutes! Tongue and everything!" He told me. Harry bent in and we kissed.

"Okay you can stop now." Louis said pulling us apart. "Emily, truth or dare?" I asked."Truth, I don't feel like kissing anyone right now." She answered. "Would you rather kiss a prostitute or a pig?" I asked. "Pig, duh." She replied. We all gave her strange looks. "The prostitute has had sex with many girls. His tongue has been in places that only girls have!" She explained. Hm... good point.

A/N sorry for short chap and not updating for a while. Next chapter is going to take place with them after the concert and the girls hanging out with them :)

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