Accidental Love

Faith, Ashley, and Emily have always dreamed of meeting One Direction........ will love triangles form? Find out!


9. Car Ride part 1


Faith's POV:

"So where are you guys from?" Niall asked. "New Jersey." I answered. "How old are you guys?" Harry asked. "Faith and I are 15 and Ashley is turning 14 this month." Emily answered. I knew exactly why he was asking that....oh Hazza. "Guys, the traffic is supposed to last a while." My mum informed us. "Good thing we left early." Ashley said. We all agreed. I was so tired so I put my head on Harry's shoulder and drifted off to sleep. 

Harry's POV:

I saw this tall, beautiful girl, she wasn't the tallest out of the 3, but the middle close to um, what's the nam- oh Emily's height. So I learned this girl is named Faith, and shes 15. Oh, and she's from New Jersey, they won the contest, and Emily and Ashley are her best friends. Oh, and the big one, no boyfriend!!!! So here I am with this beautiful girl sleeping on my shoulder, she's just drop dead gorgeous by the way. Niall seems to be liking Emily, she's lying on his lap and he's playing with her golden locks. He, I should call her Goldy Locks! Anyway, I start to hear these weird mumbling noises coming from Faith. "Shhh!!! Guys! I think Faith is talking in her sleep!" I whisper exclaim. We all hush down and listen to Faith. " hey babe........." And then she starts making kissing noises! Louis and Emily start to crack up and make jokes. They are going to be quick best friends, i can tell. They already swapped numbers and are texting a literally LOLing. Watch out, El! Just kidding. I'm so funny, not. "That's so true!" Louis called laughing. Did I just say my thoughts out load. "Yes, yes you did!" Emily said, laughing as well as Louis. When they finally finished, with the dramatic touch of wiping the tears out of their eyes, Emily said, "Don't worry Harry, I wont take Lou from El. Louis isn't my hubby." "Hubby?" I asked. Of course, no one answered it and Niall just went straight to the question, "Who is?" "Girl, you better not say Niall!" Ashley exclaimed. Oh no, CAT FIGHT!!!!! "Harry, what the hell? Cat Fight?" Emily asked laughing and Lou joining in. God, I really got to stop doing that. "Yes, yes you do." Louis said, cracking up even more. "Anyway, I'm sorry Ash, but yeah, it's Niall." "Oh no you didn't!!" She said trying to be gehto and snapping her hands in a z formation. Oh God, this is going to be a long car ride.

A/N So Seeing You Again is officially a fanfic!:)

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