Accidental Love

Faith, Ashley, and Emily have always dreamed of meeting One Direction........ will love triangles form? Find out!


2. Bus


Emily's POV:

       I wait for my bus at the end of my street with the usual people there- Jeanette Sudzus, David Sqagliatta and his older sister Kate. I hoped onto my seat in the back on the bus- me and Faith then in the two across- Ashley and Talia. "So, did you get an email indicating if we won or not?" Faith asked, sounding all smart. She was tall, had blond medium length straight hair, he weight just like me, and she had hazel eyes. She looked especially pretty today, because it was picture day. I had on a free hugs shirt, the sleeve on my left shoulder hanging off, a hot pick tank top, and jeans. She had on a blue and white shirt and also had jeans on. She was more of a girl who liked jeans or shorts and a tee, as did I and Ashley. "I'll check," Ashley said, checking her iPhone. Ashley was medium height, had dirty blond medium length wavy hair, blue eyes and she was wearing a red longer shirt and jeans. "Same," I said, checking my phone. "Nope," Ashley said, upset. "me either." "Same." We all said. "Well this sucks!" I said, waving my arms in the air. "I know you do dumbass!" Jessica called from the front of the bus. She was my ex- best friend, the girl who bullied me, Faith, and Ashley. "Okay, you can tell me that when you grow about 5 feet and are not poor enough to own a computer, dipshit!" I called back. Hey, I can be mean when I have too! "OOOHHHH!!!" The whole bus called. "Hmph." She said slumping down in her seat, crossing her arms in defeat. Ashley and Faith gave me high fives. Suddenly, Jessica pops out of her seat again, asking for more. "Oh yeah, tell you're dad I said hi." And she turned around again. My dad died from taking drugs in 2010 and that, that went to far. Tears fell from my face and Faith called, "A least her dad didn't abuse her mom and daughter!" And that was pretty much the end of that.

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