Rock Me (One Direction not famous)

Alyssa doesn't have the most perfect life. He dad died and she cuts herself. But her 5 ONLY friends happen to be the most popular people in the school. She has a special connection with each of them- Louis Tomlinson is her best friend. Liam Payne is the person she talks to when she needs help. Harry Styles is her 'flirting buddy.' Zayn Malik is the person she does her hair with and Niall Horan is her crush. What happens when fights accrue and feelings change? Will she be rocked or will she be knocked?


23. Writing The Letters

Alyssa's POV:

I went up to the writing desk to the first time in weeks. I sat down in the cold chair and found a pen and paper to write with. 

Dear Liam, 

I know I haven't wrote to you for some time now and I'm sorry for that. But, there's something I have to say, I'm breaking up with you. You didn't do anything, it's me, really. I miss you too much and the love didn't last. I love another person now, Niall. I'm sorry, but it wouldn't have worked out anyway, I'm going to collage in NYU and It's hard thinking you might die out there. I'm sorry, I really am. Just know I will always love you.   



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