Rock Me (One Direction not famous)

Alyssa doesn't have the most perfect life. He dad died and she cuts herself. But her 5 ONLY friends happen to be the most popular people in the school. She has a special connection with each of them- Louis Tomlinson is her best friend. Liam Payne is the person she talks to when she needs help. Harry Styles is her 'flirting buddy.' Zayn Malik is the person she does her hair with and Niall Horan is her crush. What happens when fights accrue and feelings change? Will she be rocked or will she be knocked?


41. The News and Letting Out Anger

Liam's POV:

It was a Saturday and of course, I was up at 8 watching the news. I sat on the couch and turned the tv down low, the boys were all sleeping upstairs. I don't know how they sleep anymore, I know I can't. Our two best friends are missing, and one of them is the love of my life! To get my mind off things, I focused back on the tv.  "Our next story is about a teenage girl, named Alyssa Kline, just recently got kidnapped in North Carolina. Here is a local police man, who talked with best friend, Louis Tomlinson, right after he had called 911 after the attack." The woman started. I screamed at the top of my lungs, probably alarming all of America! The boys came running down stairs  that is only the other 3 boys."What!?" They more yelled, than asked. I just stared at the screen. "'So, they went swimming, he told me, and her phone started to ring. She got out of the water and a couple minutes later, all he heard was screams and cries for help form Alyssa Kline.' Officer Joe Danniels says on the scene  If anyone finds her or has seen her, please inform police quickly." I turned off the tv and let silent tears slip from my eyes. I couldn't take it anymore, so I let out all my anger. I threw the remote on the ground and screamed in anger. I flipped over the table and let everything fly off it and then sat down and hugged my knees. "She is kidnapped. Shes fucking gone mother fucker!" I screamed crying. The boys just stood there in shock. I heard foot steps approach me and tried to hug me, but I just pushed the figure away and ran upstairs. I slammed my door and locked it. I took my mirror and slammed it on the ground, along with everything else breakable I could find. I sat there in the middle of the glass and cried. "Shit, shit, shit, shit!" I kept repeating and crying. 

Niall's POV:

I heard a scream and ran down stairs. Liam was watching the news and a picture of Lyss was on the screen. The words read, "Alyssa Kline, kidnapped in North Carolina. If anyone has seen this person, please contact any police." Liam threw the remote and flipped the table in anger. He screamed and cried. Feeling tears roll down my face as well, I went over and tried to hug him, but he pushed my away and ran upstairs. I sat on the ground and cried. I heard sounds of glass breaking and cursing and crying from where Liam was. Oh God, this isn't good. 

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