Rock Me (One Direction not famous)

Alyssa doesn't have the most perfect life. He dad died and she cuts herself. But her 5 ONLY friends happen to be the most popular people in the school. She has a special connection with each of them- Louis Tomlinson is her best friend. Liam Payne is the person she talks to when she needs help. Harry Styles is her 'flirting buddy.' Zayn Malik is the person she does her hair with and Niall Horan is her crush. What happens when fights accrue and feelings change? Will she be rocked or will she be knocked?


13. Telling The Boys

Alyssa's POV:

I woke up the next morning with my head in someone's chest. I looked up and saw Liam's innocent face on his pillow. His eyes were closed and he snored so faintly, it sounded more of a breathing sound that was so soothing, it could make you fall asleep in seconds. His buzz cut was all tangled together and his arms were around me. His legs intertwined with mine, and his cheeks were a bright rosey red. My phone buzzed quietly and I looked at it. "You and Liam still asleep?" -Harreh:)xx" I was about to reply when it buzzed again "I told you and Liam are perfect for each other! Now.....explain to me -in detail- what happened when me and the rest of the boys get home! -MyCarrotMan;Pxxxxxxx" Then, another text came in. "So you do your hair with Liam now!? Just kidding, he's the one that's going to mess it up if you know what I mean....;) -Zayny;)xoxoxoxo" Then, yet another one. "So are you and Liam a thing now? -Ni<3 I should probably change Niall's contact name....cause me and Liam are dating now! First, I texted Harry back. "To: Harreh:)xx-I just woke up but Li is still asleep." Followed by Louis. "To: MyCarrotMan;Pxxxxxxx -Shut up and I will! Where are you guys?" Next, Zayn. "To: Zayny;)xoxoxoxo- EW! Your so perverted!" Lastly, Niall. "To: Ni- Yeah!<333333:)xxxxxxx""Morning Love." Liam said, kissing my forehead. "Li! Stop doing that! You are going to make me scare myself so bad, I'll die! I swear to God!" I exclaimed  holding my heart. He chuckled and said, "That's why you love me." "I do love you." I said and smirked at him. We both giggled as we leaned in to kiss each other. In the middle of the kiss, my phone buzzed. "I know you two are making out right now! Member.... use protection! -MyCarrotMan;Pxxxxxxx" I laughed and asked, "Does Louis have cameras in here?" Liam gave me a confused look and then I showed him the text. He started to laugh and said, "Well lets not disappoint them." I playfully smacked his arm. "I thought you were the good guy our of us six!" I exclaimed. "Hey, I have my moments." He said while smiling. Believe me.........we didn't disappoint them.

Niall's POV:

After Alyssa told me that her and Liam were dating....I wanted to break down, right on the spot. But, we were at Dunkin Donuts and I couldn't do that in a public place! "Niall, mate, are you okay? You seem really distant." Harry asked, waving hid hand in my face. "Yeah I'm fine, Just deep in thought." I answer. "So what do you think the lovely couple is doing at home right now?" Louis asked. Zayn and Harry both looked at each other. "Playing hid and go seek under the sheets." Harry announced. "Correction.... naked hid and go sleep." Zayn added. They all laughed and I was just jealous....thinking about what they would be doing right now.

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