Rock Me (One Direction not famous)

Alyssa doesn't have the most perfect life. He dad died and she cuts herself. But her 5 ONLY friends happen to be the most popular people in the school. She has a special connection with each of them- Louis Tomlinson is her best friend. Liam Payne is the person she talks to when she needs help. Harry Styles is her 'flirting buddy.' Zayn Malik is the person she does her hair with and Niall Horan is her crush. What happens when fights accrue and feelings change? Will she be rocked or will she be knocked?


14. Da Fuq Niall?

Alyssa's POV:

Liam and I were getting dressed when he stopped and said, "I'm gonna go take a shower." I nodded okay and continued getting dressed. I was in a white tank-top and just my underwear when I decided to put on music. I put on Heart no other than us. I put it on my speakers and started to use my brush as a microphone. So there I am.....white tank-top and thong, dancing around my room and sing to a song that me and my best friends created.

Niall's POV:

We came back to the house and I heard a shower running and music. I decided to go up to Alyssa's room to see who was showering....when I saw a totally different sight. Alyssa was in a white tank top and white thong, dancing around the room and using a brush as a microphone to sing and dance along to our song, Heart Attack. I silently laughed to myself and watched her. "OW!" She finished, whipping her head and hair to the side. I clapped my hands and laughed so hard, my face turned red. If I was drinking milk, it would of diffidently come out of my nose. She looked at me with an embarrassed face. "How much did you see of that?" She asked. "The whole thing." I said, trying to control my laughter. "Da fuq Niall. Da fuq." She said and came up to me. Her face was right next to mine and I wanted to kiss her lips so bad...even though she was dating my best friend. She put her lips next to my ear and whispered, "You. Suck. Butt." Which sent shivers down my back. She put on some short shorts and walked out of the room, leaving me speechless. 

Alyssa's POV:

After the guys all fell asleep in my room after playing many rounds of MW3, Liam and I headed down stairs to watch the best movie ever, Titanic. We were in the middle of the movie, when Jack draws the picture of Rose, when my phone rang. "Hello?" I answered with a yawn. "Hey sweetie! How's everything?" It was my mom. Liam decided to start kissing my neck while I talked. "Fine." I replied trying not to moan as Liam kissed my soft spot. The conversation carried on, with me letting out a moan every now and then, leading my mom to ask me if I was okay. When I hung up, I said, "I hate you." "And that;s why you love me." He simply answered back as we leaned into kiss. We kissed just as Rose and Jack went into the car to do what Liam and I did earlier today....

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