Rock Me (One Direction not famous)

Alyssa doesn't have the most perfect life. He dad died and she cuts herself. But her 5 ONLY friends happen to be the most popular people in the school. She has a special connection with each of them- Louis Tomlinson is her best friend. Liam Payne is the person she talks to when she needs help. Harry Styles is her 'flirting buddy.' Zayn Malik is the person she does her hair with and Niall Horan is her crush. What happens when fights accrue and feelings change? Will she be rocked or will she be knocked?


22. At Home

Alyssa's POV:

"Ni, it's time to get up." I said, shaking him. He groaned and rolled over. "Niall James Horan, get your fat ass up!" He moaned and said, "Alyssa, come onnnnn!!" "Niall, you have to get your fat ass up and at least try to use your crutches you git yesterday." I told him. "Only if you do one thing." He said looking at me. "And what might that be?" I asked. "Kiss me." I giggled and then leaned in and kissed him. I pulled back but he pulled me back in. I laughed in the kiss and he smiled. When he finally pulled away, I playfully slapped him on the arm. "You naughty boy!" I chuckled, "Now get your lazy ass up and enjoy the day!" "I'm getting something to eat, and then going back to sleep." He told me, getting his crutches and crutches down stairs. Now, you might be utterly shocked right now, or possibly thinking, 'That slut!' or 'Bitch! You boyfriend loves you!' Well, lets just say, I don't think of him much as a boyfriend anymore. I haven't wrote to him in weeks, and I'm not going to....except for the break up letter. I know, now your diffidently thinking, 'BITCH!' or 'YOU FUCKING MOTHER HUBBER!' Well, I just don't have the same feelings for him that I did in the past. Niall asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes, but I have to break up with Liam first. I know, I know, I'm a bitch, whore, slut, or whatever you want to call me, it's just, love comes first, and Niall and I have found it. I mean, I found it a long time ago with Liam, it's just, it's not there anymore. I climbed down the stairs to 4 guys chomping on sandwiches. "Sandwiches for breakfast ? How many times do I have to call people fat asses around here?!" I asked laughing. They all had grinning faces and I knew something was up. I crossed my arms and leaned on the door frame. "Okay, spill the beans." I said. "But, I just clean!" Louis exclaimed. I laughed and waited for the guys to say something. "Okay, it's good news and and bad news." Zayn said. "Good new first." I said. There was a moment of silence and then Harry exclaimed, "I GOT EXCEPTED INTO RUTGERS!" "YAY!" I yelled, jumping up and down while hugging him. "Wait, where is that?" I asked. "Bridgewater-Raritan New Jersey " He told me. "AND I GOT ACCEPTED INTO YALE!" Zayn screamed. "AND I GOT EXCEPTED INTO NYU!" Louis, Niall, and I both say at the same time. "Oh my God, we are going to the same collage!!!!" Louis exclaimed. We all cheered and then realized the bad news....we are all going to be split apart. 

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