Gotta Be You

Layla and Katie have an amazing opportunity to go on tour with Katy Perry but they stay in Briton to fall in love with One Direction


2. Meeting 1D

Katie's P.O.V.

"Oh my god" Leila said. Why was she so interested? She turned to the lunch lady and accidentally said yes to the toxic meatloaf.

"Leila!" I said

"Wha?" She replied in a complete trance. We walked over to our usual table and I saw five boys at our table.

"Hey this is ou-" I was cut off by Leila's squeal as they turned their heads to us. I saw Niall.

"Hi Niall" I said. "Oh, so you're not screaming fans" a boy with brown hair said to me.

"Well, she is" I replied

"What's your name?" A different guy asked me.

"Katie" I replied. The first one introduced everyone.

"I'm Liam, he's Za- " he got cut off by a boy with dark skin.

"I'm Zayne" he said

"I love you" Leila replied. We both sat down. Leila must have been embarrassed by what she said, but that didn't stop her from sitting next to Zayne.

"I'm Iuol, oh wait Loui that's just my name backwar-"

"I'm HARRY" an exited looking boy interrupted.

"Well, I'm Niall,but you already now that" We started our meal.

"I can't beleive I said yes to the toxic meatloaf" Leila said.

"WHAT, this is delicious" Niall said.

"You disgust me" I said while everyone turned

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